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  1. Timber

    {SOLVED} Drone Range

    I'm running into this issue now. Can you gives some details on where you found the issue? UPDATE: seems to have been the freeze setting in DMS. The freeze setting for non-DMA AI was set to false and drones still froze, so i turned the setting off completely. All good so far..
  2. The regular AAF UGF had been working fine on my server. After adding the lines in the OP for UAVhacker, I added the Falcon as well. Everything worked great until the drones go past a certain range and they freeze, all drones, even the Falcon just gets stuck in the air. Once I move closer to the drone, it starts moving again. anyone run into this? solved: Found the issue, couple of code errors on my part. UPDATE :Spoke too soon this issue is back. Anyone else run into this issue?
  3. While trying to place a building, i was messing around with placement, removing, building another one, etc. Once done, I save persistent. On server reboot all of the multiple buildings that I messed around with are in one big jumble, so all we saved. I removed all then cleared persistent, but they keep coming back? this worked for me before is something broken? Can i go somewhere to remove these manually? { checked the status and it says 0 objects saved in profile update: I found the issue..they were in the database not EBM related..
  4. Timber

    Extended base mod Door Solution

    Is that the proper classname for concrete floor hatch and window hatch, they arent working after a server reboot. nm, working now
  5. Timber

    Extended Base Mod

    Can you add ability to place code locks on EBM buildings?
  6. Timber

    Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    I'm still using IL on my server for loading crates and vehicles and it still works well for that. One thing that I am running into is when I unload the jet ski off a truck onto land ie: tempest, it is destroyed. It doesn't happen when I offload into water. I have tried the different IL_CDamage setting to no effect. Other water vehicles also take some damage when offloaded onto land. Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening?
  7. I was building in my territory with the radius markers on and server dropped. When I rejoined the markers were still there and can no longer hide them. i looked through the database and cannot find them . Does anyone know where i can go to delete them or turn them off again? nvm, disapeared after a server restart
  8. Timber

    TaruPod Buy, Repair, Lock, and Flip v2.0 (Updated for 1.62)

    Mysteriously stopped working altogether. Can still lock the transport pod and pods with inventory will save once accessed, but no attach..
  9. Timber

    TaruPod Buy, Repair, Lock, and Flip v2.0 (Updated for 1.62)

    I can attach still the pod by using the sling load assistant and "hook" command. it wont work with adv sling script (never did). You used to be able to save pods position by accessing the inventory once, but inventory seems to be gone now. Lock option is gone as well, all i can do with the pod is carry it around...
  10. Timber

    supplybox on Tanoa

    I wonder if this is a Tanoa thing. Are they still working on other maps? I know they used to work on Namalsk.
  11. Timber

    ExileZ 2

    I'm not a coder, so, I dont know if anything could be coded that way, but with the scripts current code, I dont believe so. Once you move within the detection range, they will become agro and go after the closest player. I have tossed grenades at them and when it explodes, they do not go after that, so sound does affect their actions.
  12. Timber

    supplybox on Tanoa

    I'm running Tanoa on my server and the supply boxes have never dropped at the airports. Does anyone else have this issue?
  13. Timber

    ExileZ 2

    There are a few settings in the fn_init that you can fiddle with that may give you what you are looking for MinSpawnDistance = 25; // Closest distance from any player to spawn a zombie. MaxSpawnDistance = 160; // Max distance a zombie should spawn from a player. _ryanzombieslimit = 160; // Player detection distance in meters In the examples here, the Z's will spawn between 26 and 160 metres from the player and will detect them from that entire zone out to 160m. If you set the _ryanzombieslimit = 50, then Z's will still spawn in the same area, but those that spawn further than 50m will not detect the player and will just stand there until you move within the detection range...
  14. Timber

    gasmask bug?

    This has happened to me twice and think it may be a strange bug. While looting in the radiation zone, wearing the gas mask, if I hit the "take all" button, my gas mask disappeared. At first I though it simply went to the inventory, but after searching both mine and the vehicle inventory it was gone, leaving me exposed to radiation. Has anyone else seen this?
  15. Timber

    Exile.Tanoa Problems.

    Im getting the exact issue. rpt file looks the same edit: After checking and comparing files with other versions, I found nothing wrong. Luckily I wasn't too far into my changes, so I started from scratch. After redoing my storeItem.hpp, traderConfig.hpp and adding a few other scripts, I tried loading it up, only to end up on the map, looking like Im lying prone in the grass..(is this what everyone is referring to as spawning as a rabbit??). ...anyway, several reconnects later, still same grassy view, so I decided to suicide to see what happened after that. well Voila!..there was no repawn screen, after suiciding, the game just loaded right were I left off before the update with my gear intact..