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  1. CameraChick

    Current Status of Exile

    Hi All! I have been away from Exile since right around the time that the main dev team departed. Back then, Every time Arma was updated, Exile had to catch up, and between those two entities updating, our server was constantly down/not working. Is this still the case or have things calmed down lately and become more stable?
  2. CameraChick

    All Doors Knocked Down on Server Start?

    Has anyone EVER seen this before? I log into a fresh server (it's mine, been running for 5 minutes after restart), and every door in the killhouse-type buildings is knocked down as if it was blown open. Same with the X-marks on those buildings... already blown open with a hole in the wall. Every door. Every killhouse. Anyone?
  3. CameraChick

    Arma version wrong but updated?

    Forgive my ignorance here, but my server is with a GSP, and I am not using MySQL Server, I only use HeidiSQL to connect to the DB when necessary. The only .ini I have even seen is the exile.ini.
  4. CameraChick

    Arma version wrong but updated?

    Where can I find this my.ini file? I have FTP open and cannot find anything like this.
  5. CameraChick

    Arma version wrong but updated?

    Update: Now I see that it must not be THIS " "Installed: 166 - Required: 164" " that is the problem. I am connecting fine and I have the exact same line in my client log. Player did say he got this error before getting the Bambi Creation Timeout... Any thoughts? Hell, here is a copy of his log if anyone can ID the issue... (Bonus points for using a damn spoiler?? )
  6. CameraChick

    Arma version wrong but updated?

    Hi ka0s, thanks for your help. I went into that file and made this change: OLD: requiredBuild = 138497; // 1.64 NEW: requiredBuild = 139494; // 1.66 Same exact error for that ONE player. In his log it reads: "ExileClient - Checking ARMA version..." "Installed: 166 - Required: 164" How can that be? Is there another place I need to change this info?
  7. CameraChick

    Arma version wrong but updated?

    My 3 usual players on the server. Server is running 1.66. We are all able to get on and play. New player tries to connect, gets this error in log: 17:01:16 "ExileClient - Checking ARMA version..." 17:01:16 "Installed: 166 - Required: 164" But player has updated Arma through Steam. Getting also (but shouldnt surprise anyone): 17:01:16 "ExileClient - Requesting bambi character..." 17:01:46 "ExileClient - Error: Bambi creation timeout" Thoughts?
  8. CameraChick

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    1.) Is there a way to STOP Arma from Auto-Updating? 2.) Is there any chance that when this is all fixed that my server will need to be reset and everything wiped? Or is it a pretty straightforward hotfix that will not affect any of that?
  9. CameraChick

    PAYING FOR SCRIPT (Damage Mod)

    I am still seeking someone for this. If you're interested, send me a PM. I received exactly zero messages before so this could be easy money for someone with skills that I don't have.
  10. CameraChick

    PAYING FOR SCRIPT (Damage Mod)

    Hi all! I am looking to pay someone to create this script: (Hit me up on PM and we can discuss). File: ExileClient_object_player_event_onHandleDamage If player's hp is 9% or below, player's screen is completely black. If player's hp is between 10%-25%, player's screen is clear but can only crawl/prone. If player's hp is between 25%-50%, player can only crouch (slow). If player's hp is between 50%-75%, player can only walk (slow). If player's hp is above 75%, player has full capabilities. This may not be exactly possible as I have written it, but you get the general idea. If you think it's possible, send me a message!
  11. CameraChick

    [SOLVED] Spawn Selection Screen (Map Removal)

    Thanks, Mezo! Any particular place that should be pasted?
  12. On the Spawn Selection screen, the map is shown. How can I modify this code so the map cannot be seen? private["_display","_spawnButton","_listBox","_listItemIndex","_numberOfSpawnPoints","_randNum","_randData","_randomSpawnIndex"]; disableSerialization; diag_log "Selecting spawn location..."; ExileClientSpawnLocationSelectionDone = false; ExileClientSelectedSpawnLocationMarkerName = ""; createDialog "RscExileSelectSpawnLocationDialog"; waitUntil { _display = findDisplay 24002; !isNull _display }; _spawnButton = _display displayCtrl 24003; _spawnButton ctrlEnable false; _display displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "_this call ExileClient_gui_loadingScreen_event_onKeyDown"]; _listBox = _display displayCtrl 24002; lbClear _listBox; { if (getMarkerType _x == "ExileSpawnZone") then { _listItemIndex = _listBox lbAdd (markerText _x); _listBox lbSetData [_listItemIndex, _x]; }; } forEach allMapMarkers; _numberOfSpawnPoints = {getMarkerType _x == "ExileSpawnZone"} count allMapMarkers; if (_numberOfSpawnPoints > 0) then { _randNum = floor(random _numberOfSpawnPoints); _randData = lbData [24002,_randNum]; lbClear _listBox; // Clears all options execpt Random from the spawn selection dialog _randomSpawnIndex = _listBox lbAdd "Random"; _listBox lbSetData [_randomSpawnIndex, _randData]; }; true
  13. CameraChick

    [SOLVED] $50 USD to get my server DB's backup working. (PayPal)

    Mods can close this topic. I wiped the entire server and started from scratch.
  14. CameraChick

    createPersistentVehicle.sqf error

    Can someone tell me what is going on here? I cannot seem to translate this completely sudden error.
  15. CameraChick

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    So brilliantly simple. Thanks for your help.