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  1. Cocaine

    LEGION - Server Development Team

    Raziel, you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and that is what forums are for. However I have to say that you really do appear to be going over old stories now. You yourself have said you don't play ARMA/EXILE anymore and so I have no idea why you are continuing to berate the Legion server publicly. Nobody else really cares within the Exile community whether you should, or not, have been banned from the Legion server, bottom line is you were. You are not going to get invited back to the server ever again so it seems a waste of your energy to continue 'having a go' at both Bob and the Legion server. I am not some 14 year old, for me your lack of moral values is a no go, even if you would unban me, publicly apologise and admit all the mistakes that you made (tho if you did that you would be the first 100% decent person on the internet, lets be honest it wont happen) I would still not want to have anything to do with the legion crowd. What this is really about is that you get to be the bully of your little corner of the internet because you gave yourself admin powers, and this ongoing thread upsets you because its out of your reach. It servers my purpouse because, in your reach attempts, you show your true face, as some other forum user has noticed a few posts back. I have not posted this to try and antagonise you, I just don't understand if you are so adamant that you are not playing anymore then why would you continue to argue. There is going to be no winner here just a complete waste of time. Why on earth would anyone need to apologise to you ? The ongoing thread upsets no one at all, it would now seem to be driven by your spite and need to have approval of your thoughts, basically a waste of everyone's time and effort. The internet is a funny place, full of keyboard warriors and gangsters all over the world. I don't know you, you don't know Bob in fact I don't know Bob, but you know what there is absolutely nothing we can really do about anything if we are not in control. So I am not in control, neither are you, but Bob is as its his server. As you know the Legion server recently has 60 of 65 players in it, so one would assume its going pretty well and people are happy with it as I am sure you are with whatever you are doing. This whole sorry episode being posted on here is actually having no effect on the server whatsoever, which I am sure is not your ultimate goal. Again a complete waste of time if it is... Surely its time for you concentrate on to whatever game you are playing now and enjoy that ? If you really feel the need to continue the thread with the negativity that you are maybe you do have an ulterior motive and Bob might be proved right.... Happy gaming.... Cocaine...
  2. Well you really are a great server/owner/admin. Very childish...... You were asked a question about frame rates and then you ban everyone. Maybe you should pay for a dedicated server instead of hopping off other peoples. I will ensure that the Exile Mod users and developers are aware.

    1. cGs! mIKE

      cGs! mIKE

      Never heard of you child.   please leave me alone,  I only talk to adults. 

    2. Cocaine


      It took you a long time to respond to me..

      I wanted to talk to you like an adult I am in my 40's after all.

      I have a screenshot of you calling me a cu** and banning me from your server, I just wanted to have an adult conversation with you and ask why ? nothing more. It would appear that you are not willing to listen to me anyway, so if you don't respond I understand.


  3. Awesome mission, way to go Diamond. Gotta love the Legion Exile Taviana Server. Cocaine