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  1. 5niper

    [GVS] Generic Vehicle Service [Exile 1.0.4]

    Does anyone have this running on Lythium? Any help would be appreciated. Trying to get it to run without heli pads. And using fuel stations and pumps (ie, Land_FuelStation_Feed_F). I guess I'm missing something for Lythium in the gvs_triggers.sqf. I'm using this one: https://pastebin.com/LZVW4aE7
  2. 5niper

    Andre's Convoy for Exile

    anyone have this running successfully in Altis, with Exile Mod 1.0.4? We're running DMS, Occupation, and infiSTAR. Problems: 1) ai kill each other 2) then another convoy spawns 3) and so on, and so on, etc. any suggestions?
  3. 5niper

    Infistar Reflect Damage issues

    Yes! I'm using DMS and Occupation.
  4. 5niper

    Infistar Reflect Damage issues

    Any word on the "reflect damage" issue? We too find when using it, we get killed right after shooting Ai.
  5. 5niper

    ExileMod Advanced Repair Script

    @Slider I've used this in the past. If I recall, it worked very nicely.
  6. 5niper

    Andre's Convoy for Exile

    @tinboye did you ever get this working? I can't even get the convoy to spawn. I'm using the xcam Taunus map. And I changed the coords of the napf example, to coords for where I want it to spawn on the Taunus map. Never mind. I forgot to select which map it was for. I'll have to test it again.
  7. 5niper

    xcam Taunus spawn points and traders

    The addon you are referring to (yellow ball) is Exile Mod Loot Position Creator; works like a charm. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647 I went nuts trying to fix the loot on that map. Then just started from scratch, building, by building, creating my own. To make is easy on yourself, omit any of the new buildings they added, which are made up of individual parts (floor pieces, wall pieces, etc). Plenty of good ol fashion buildings in there (all in one) to add loot to.
  8. 5niper

    xcam Taunus spawn points and traders

    It's very easy (and fun too!) to create your own traders. With Arma 3 Launcher, load all of the important mods you use on the map you are creating the traders for. Along with M3Editor + Exile.Eden + Exile Mod + x-cam Taunus (map) . It's very easy to add props (items), signs, the trader's themselves, plus you can edit how they look, what gear they have, how they move...everything. Then, simply click on the Exile menu option, and save the traders as your "initServer" (all of the items you added, like tables, chairs, etc.) , and as your "initPlayers" (basically the traders, guards if any, etc.). You can then save the file as a mission.sqm also, which saves the markers, safe zones, etc. Once you get the hang of it, you will rarely want to use anyone else's traders; you'll always want to create your own. You can also turn things into "simple objects), so you can place weapons, backpacks, etc on tables, and hang them on the wall. If you add those things (eye candy) to your traders, and don't turn them into simple objects, players will be able to pick them up and use them. Also includes a checker, to see if there's anything you have put in, that should be changed to a simple object.
  9. 5niper

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    The Loot Positions on Taunus have been very trying. I scrapped it all, and re created the lootposions using Exile Mod Loot Position Creator. Painstakingly, building by building. But omitting many of their newly created buildings. Because there is no class name for the entire building, and rather individual classnames for the components that make up that building. So, you either omit those altogether, or you can add the loot position of the individual componets. However, then you'll end up with loot where ever that component (typically a floor piece, or wall piece, etc) is used, and since that could be at any height, you end up with loot floating up in the air (way up). I am however having particular issues with some of the buildings, NOT SPAWNING LOOT. Like the Land_WIP_F or the Land_A_BuildingWIP , which are the classic "Industrial" buildings you find across many of these maps (I remember them particularly on Taviana).
  10. 5niper

    Stuck at the end of Taunus

    @Sir_Joker Did you get this resolved? What I did on the Taunus map was install a script that makes the area beyond the perimeter of the map, a radiation area, and it kills anyone that goes out there, even if they're wearing a gas mask. Radiation is outside the world: And here is a script for preventing vehicles from spawning out there:
  11. 5niper

    [Release] XM8 Repair Mate

    @vitalymind I too would love to see this app work with ExAd. Has anyone made any head way it getting it to work with ExAd?
  12. 5niper

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Read it on some discord. Ok. I will try it again. So, this only comes with one or two missions? Or maybe I'm confused. Is this just for roaming ai?
  13. 5niper

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    @IT07 Thanks! I just read, that a3_VMFr would lag the server, compared to other ai mission sys like DMS. I'm running a Taunus server, and the map is not finalized yet, so big issue with lag and low fps ATM. Is that a true statement?
  14. 5niper

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Is there a repository of some sort with more missions than the two that are included in the download?