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  1. Tylor

    NIARMS - Items missing

    Thank you for the classnames! Any idea why they were removed? I looked in the mod notes and couldn't find anthing
  2. Tylor

    NIARMS - Items missing

    Anyone else having an issue with some items from NIARMS missing? It looks like the mod had a pbo update on the 21st and the 12th of January, and now some of the items like the FN FAL suppressor are missing from my trader. I tried looking for an updated class name or something, but no luck.
  3. Tylor

    [CLOSED] ArmA 1.78 is out

    Players cannot connect for us RPT is spammed with BEServer: cannot find channel #64391073, users.card=0 Seems to only be an issue with x86 servers
  4. Tylor

    Extended Base Mod

    Only pack will remove them. Delete only removes the item until next restart
  5. Tylor

    Extended Base Mod

    Almost all items, like the containers, bunkers, cargo towers etc.
  6. Tylor

    Extended Base Mod

    So if I hit pack the item gets deleted. If I hit "delete" it come back at restart. I tested on a local private server (no ping issues - 50+ server fps) and had the same outcome. Any ideas?
  7. Tylor

    Extended Base Mod

    everything was normal until the update. Even if we're at 10fps it does it
  8. Tylor

    Extended Base Mod

    If a player removes an item that is EBM, the item reappears at their base on restart. They also still have the item they took down, so it dupes. Any ideas?
  9. Tylor

    Trader Stance

    bump. I added guns to the trader and it fixed it, but there must be another way
  10. Tylor

    Trader Stance

    Most of my traders are positioned holding a gun, even if they don't have one. Is there anyway to make traders stand with their arms down and not holding an invisible weapon?
  11. I just bought a new dedi from ovh and only some players are able to connect. Other players say it gives them 9999 ping in a3launcher. I have checked the firewall and matched everything to another server I am running from a different host with no issues. I also opened ports 2302 - 2306 inbound and outbound. If the server shows 9999 ping in launcher and I connect via remote connect, then refresh launcher, the server gets detected. This tells me something is blocking the connection for other players. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  12. @Remeto Did you end up finding a fix?
  13. Tylor

    Database Cleanup

    Is there a way to clean things up in the database to make the server run at a higher FPS, without wiping everything? My high pop server will sometimes drop below 8 FPS and this was never the case a few weeks ago. No mods have been changed/added. We simply have more people online at one time. Would deleting characters that have not been logged on in the past 2 weeks or something help? Or remove all unpurchased vehicles?
  14. Now new players spawn in and fall to death in a large grey area. No spawning No error though lmao Edit: Now it works
  15. After updating to 1.0.0 new players cannot connect to my server. They get the error "bambi creation timed out" I understand this would be a database issue but I have checked and everything runs fine in the db. I was fine before the update and previous players can join the game and respawn without any issues. Does anyone know how I can fix this or what the issue is?