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  1. Corpulio_Hun

    Radiation is outside the world

    awesome! thx!
  2. Corpulio_Hun


  3. Corpulio_Hun

    DS Houses

    hi, Someone can post ds houses loot position? Thx
  4. I alter the lines. The problem only when server restart and then drop the vehicle in the ground and i fund the same in the vg. But when i sell one of them then the oder disappear. so the two vehicle have a same id. idk why duplicate.
  5. Corpulio_Hun

    SNOW TIME - v 0.9.8 -[updated 31-08-2017]

    Perfect!!! Thank You!!!
  6. Corpulio_Hun

    bambi creation time out

    My problem is solved! Custom start loadout script was a problem only. Thank u all for the help! Cheers
  7. Corpulio_Hun

    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    khmm, sorry but here not work, or i dont undrstand u
  8. Corpulio_Hun

    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    Realy thanks!
  9. Corpulio_Hun

    [RELEASE] Random Starting Loadouts/Uniforms

    For me not work! Can u help me?
  10. Corpulio_Hun

    bambi creation time out

    i changed and dont help.