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      Inmates! We have launched 1.0.4 update for Exile. You can read about the release here:   
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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. Hello. Thanks for your review. I'm really happy about the fact what you're not playing at my server. Good luck and be healthy.
  2. Hello there. Now I'm for 100% sure that I have done right thing. Please, stop crying in every forum and every thread. Good luck.
  3. Hello there. Thanks a lot. You are nice person too. I'll be staying away from you too. Good luck.
  4. Hello there. Every man chooses for himself. Owner of this server copied part of my work and didn't bothered to say thanks. So be so kind, do not advertise any servers in my thread, especially this, where you can be banned for using non-english language. Good luck.
  5. Hi! What kind of stuff are you looking for?
  6. Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Actually, every map looks the same, because they share same assets. Maps from IFA3LITE well WW2 themed and more relative than Chernarus and not depends on all that crap from CUP.
  7. DAYZHUB Exile WW2

    Доброго времени суток, военнопленные! Если хотите чтобы за вами бегали админы и меняли вам памперсы, то наши сервера не для вас. Сервер практически ванильный, только немного лучше. Нужна мод IFA3_AIO_LITE и Exile 1.0.3 "Lemon". Almost vanilla, but a little bit better. You need IFA3_AIO_LITE and Exile 1.0.3 "Lemon" enabled. Low loot, no diapers, no giveaways, no bonuses, just the game.