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  1. Sgt Smash

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Does this errors with town names like these's ones have anything to do with my problem? if yes or no anyone one know what this is from and how to fix them?
  2. Sgt Smash

    Server stopped showing as live

    Turned out to be the hosts firewalls needed resetting. Thanks for the advice
  3. Sgt Smash

    Server stopped showing as live

    Ok the server has randomly started working again, must have been something on the hosts end lol Thank you for your time dude
  4. Sgt Smash

    Server stopped showing as live

    i see this in the instance/server_ log Would this have anything to do with it or is this a normal thing i have never noticed before?
  5. Sgt Smash

    Server stopped showing as live

    Thanks for the reply dude Yeah this is a rented server. just stopped working about 20mins of a restart, i wasn't around at the time of it happenening, according to the players everything was ok untill the restart, i hadn't changed anything during that time, I run this server for a RL friend and he does the talking to gamingdeluxe. hopefully they have a answer when they wake up this morning lol
  6. Sgt Smash

    Server stopped showing as live

    Hi server randomly stopped showing as live/on, yet the rpt logs it seems to be up and running fine and still spawning missions and ai and so on, Any ideas what could cause this? Also Dart rcon won't connect
  7. Sgt Smash

    map spawn locations?

    Side note, not sure base spawn works with xsspawn, but this may have changed!
  8. Sgt Smash

    map spawn locations?

    There is a setting in the base spawn script that is ment to stop players from being able to respawn at their base for 10mins to stop spamming when they are getting raided, this has a knock on effect for all spawns points, i run a PVE server for a friend and changed this setting to 1 second instead of 10 mins and that fixed it. find this line in the basespawn.sqf Mine is changed to 1 for one second, vanilla vaule will be something like 600 or 900 Hope this help's
  9. Sgt Smash

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Atm a lot of the time they spawn just enough away from a buidings that they don't spwan 50cals in buildings as to being to far from them. Any ideas how to solve this so they only spawn in the middle?
  10. Sgt Smash

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Anyone know how to get it to recognize Chernarus towns instead of having them spawn in random places near towns?
  11. Sgt Smash

    A.G.G PVE Chernarus

    Now with changeable seasons as the week goes Mon-Wed Summer Chernarus Wed-Fri Autumn Chernarus Fri-Sun Winter Chernarus (New Cup Version)
  12. Sgt Smash

    map spawn locations?

    Are you using base spawn script?
  13. Sgt Smash

    Enigma Exile Deploybike + Respect Vehicles

    Anyone know what this might pop up for in the rpt logs? Note that the script works, but i never noticed this before in the logs, Wouldn't be nothing to do with the teleporting glitch would it?
  14. Sgt Smash

    [SOLVED] Towing Mod Wanted

    Yeah that's why i sent him the link lol It does everything he asked for in the op