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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum Is there away to remove this? i have tried google and this site's search but can't seem to find anything related to it. Thanks in advance :-)
  2. It is very easy to install it manually yourself, simple as adding two pbo's to your server addons.
  3. TBH use A3XAi. less demanding so you can have more at once and much smarter too {at driving and using cover} and works great with vcom ai
  4. Thanks for the reply There is a shaded filter over the screen thats been there since day one closed beta, if you use DSR (for example) and then change the interface size you can make it smaller and see the edges of it and see around the edges and see how much better the game looks without it, so i wanted to remove it altoghter.
  5. Great script, very handy and expands what you can do with load out! recommended
  6. i don't know what " tadst" is and the only things i've read about it is not to use it as it causes loads of problems. Sorry i cound't help you further
  7. There should be a folder called configs with basic.cfg and BEserver.cfg and server.cfg inside it, if you have a control panel use the text editor to change it, mine it at the bottom of the page.
  8. In the server.cfg change it from regular to ExileCustom!
  9. tow

    Thanks dude all working now, i went up and down that list so many time and didn't notice it, not sure if it's my old eyes or being awake all night lol Again thanks you so much :-)
  10. I added them all to the lists but now no vehicles are working, can you see anything wrong with this? It seems to have soemthing to do with the load in part , as when i leave the load in bit blank the towing works
  11. tow

    I added them all to the lists but now no vehicles are working, can you see anything wrong with this? It seems to have soemthing to do with the load in part, as when i leave the load in bit blank the towing works
  12. tow

    NVM i think i have found it lol
  13. tow

    I've looked everywhere for this list and can't find it
  14. tow

    Frenzied Mod Pack https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=740335696
  15. tow

    Hi Do you know how to get the FMP vehicles to work with R3F? The strider and hunters work but none of the civ ones do
  16. I'm also having trouble with Vcom triggering base attacks when not at base and then not clearing! Any ideas if there is a fix or know whats is making it happen?
  17. Is there away of disabling <VCM_ARTYDELAY)
  18. Getting this error spamming when no one is online 5:31:03 Error in expression <VCM_ARTYDELAY) < time && {count (units (group _NearestEnemy)) > 2}> 5:31:03 Error position: <group _NearestEnemy)) > 2}> 5:31:03 Error group: Type Array, expected Object
  19. Bump Also getting this
  20. Anyone know how to add FMP to be compatible?
  21. I've had no problems with R3F and A3xAi, maybe it's to do more with the vehicles you have gave the Ai not being compatible/Added to the R3F
  22. Elevator script like the one from A2 Epoch?
  23. Difficulty keeps resetting to Regular randomly from ExileCustom Any tips to fix this?
  24. I got it working with the custom difficulty, not one person said in all of the threads that you need to edit the custom to say ExileCustom, well i hope the nexe person sees this and saves them a lot of time :-)
  25. Does that work without using " https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Custom-Difficulty " ?