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  1. FG.Highlander

    Fractal Gaming Napf | Humanity

    Hello all, We have recently launched our new Napf server! We have been working on this for quite some time now and have finally got it live. We have many custom features including our own humanity system which is fully described and can be seen here: This implements the "hero and bandit" system into the server, but on our case we have removed the exile respect function completely and replaced it with this more in depth and developed function/feature. We also have custom features such as air drops, logistics, custom traders and our AI Islands. The mods required to join the server can also be found here: http://forums.fractalgaming.eu/index.php?/topic/43-napf-mods/ If you require any more information please feel free to register on our website and contact a member of staff or join our TeamSpeak at: ts3.fractalgaming.eu and a member of staff will be with you shortly. We hope that we will see you playing on our server in the future and also feel free to comment on this post with things you like or dislike, also if you would like to suggests improvements then please do! Kind Regards Highlander
  2. FG.Highlander

    New Napf Server Ideas?

    no @InsertCoins these guys have played on the server and enjoy it thats all Some have even became staff on our server because they have been with us for so long.
  3. FG.Highlander

    New Napf Server Ideas?

    yeah i have been taking this into consideration about being "more militarized" and the humanity system is possible and we are going to be working on that anyways. A hero and bandit trader type of thing So people will lose humanity if they kill people and gain it for helping people and doing AI Missions etc Heroes will have access to things bandits don't have access to like different guns and vehicles, possibly even some skins.
  4. FG.Highlander

    New Napf Server Ideas?

    hmmm intresting, we can take that into account. Wait to see what other people say
  5. FG.Highlander

    New Napf Server Ideas?

    Hi guys, I would like to start off by introducing myself and our community - Fractal Gaming. We are a bunch of old school ArmA players who thought it is about time to start providing servers for people rather than playing on them We run our servers on a dedicated box that will provide high server FPS along with client FPS. However this post isn't about advertising, it is just a simple question that we would like to ask The question is if there was to be a new Napf server out, what would you guys like to see on it. I guess you could say what would your perfect server include The reason i am asking this is i am looking to start one of these in the future, but i want some input from the players/exile community. So if some of you guys left a comment on what you would like to see, it can be anything you want, and we will see if this is possible Kind Regards Highlander
  6. FG.Highlander

    Fractal Gaming Exile Namalsk

    Yeah we focus on helping the community out, you guys have played since the beginning thank you
  7. FG.Highlander

    Fractal Gaming Exile Namalsk

    Hello all, I would like to start off by introducing myself and the community that I represent. My name is Highlander and I am the project lead of Fractal Gaming Exile. Our community originated from a life server on ArmA 2. We have decided that we would like to offer you, the player, a high quality server and playing experience that we too would like to play on. With our high performing server box we are able to offer you just that, without relying on donations that other communities rely so heavily on. Over the past few weeks, as a team we have been working hard on bringing you an exile Namalsk and Chernarus server. Namalsk, having successfully launched yesterday (18/03/2016) has already seen our community grow and we are hoping to expand that even further, so that we can offer you a wide variety of servers for you to play on. Some may say that we where a little late to the mark, however we offer you what many communities don't server and community wise. Our staff team is fully committed to nurturing and supporting the growth of our servers and community. Namalsk Mods Namalsk RHS: USAF AND AFRF TRYK Multiplay Uniforms HLC (being added shortly) Exile All of which can be downloaded from the A3Launcher (Which we highly recommend, for ease of use): here Our server features are: AI Missions (Ranging in difficulty) Hourly airdrops providing weapon crate and and armed vehicle Payable airdrops providing buildings materials and essentials, accessible via your XM8 Contaminated zones on certain areas of the map (Being worked on atm) If you have any inquiries then please contact a member of staff on TeamSpeak: ts3.fractalgaming.eu or ask us a question on our website: www.fractalgaming.eu and they will be more than happy to answer your questions. Hope to see you ingame soon! Kind Regards Highlander