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  1. Hi, Whenever i try tu construct something in my base from the extanded_base_mod addon or from exile i get kick by BattleEye. I don't know how to solve the problem i searhed online ut found nothing. Here's my SetPos .log and .txt
  2. berzek

    Kick BattleEye SetPos restriction #0

    Thank you fo your help it works fine now.
  3. berzek

    You can't spawn

  4. berzek

    You can't spawn

  5. Not to my knowledge, i searched but i didn't find any issue and the problem persist for now all i can do is wait. I hope someone will be able to fix your problem
  6. I have the same problem with one of my servers, sometimes i find the server and sometimes not it's really annoying.
  7. berzek

    Install ACE3? (FIXED)(CLOSE)

    ACE3 didn't work with exile
  8. berzek

    Exile Server Ground Problem

    Make sur your connection with the database is correctly establish.
  9. berzek

    Spawn without map

    Hello, I have a small problem on my server, i spawn without map what is rather disturbing, I do not know how to adjust this problem. p.s sorry for this english
  10. berzek

    You cannot play/edit this mission (Chernarus)

    -serverMod=@ExileServer -mod=@Exile\;@Namalsk\;@Esseker\;@CUP_Terrains -autoinit -config=@ExileServer/config.cfg
  11. Hello, I put addons cup core map on my server, and I put the map chernarus but when I lauch my server the console display an error message.
  12. berzek

    You cannot play/edit this mission (Chernarus)

    Ok i try with CUP_terrains but same problem
  13. berzek

    You cannot play/edit this mission (Chernarus)

    I put both Cup core and Cup maps but I go try with Cup Terrains complete
  14. berzek

    Spawn without map

    @ExileServer/Addons/exile_server_config.pbo/config.cpp Approximately line 4832 loadOut[] = { "ItemCompass", "ItemMap", "Exile_Item_XM8", "ItemRadio", "Exile_Item_PlasticBottleFreshWater" };
  15. Ok and what i have to put here ?
  16. Hello, since a few days I try to put the map Chernarus, I have to download AllInArmaTerrainPack and Exile. Chernarus. PBO but when I launch the server the console says.
  17. berzek

    Spawn without map

    OK it works thank you very mutch