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  1. Gattaca

    Custom Flags

    I will try that. I think I had it set as a PBO but I could have left it as just a folder but with Arma its a random crapshoot at times. Cheers
  2. Gattaca

    Containers and Vehicles not updating

    sounds like this: (AI Occupation was the cause for this)
  3. Gattaca

    Doors not Opening (Custom Map Content)

    no the door wont open at all. We have to use another door or remove the wall and replace it
  4. Gattaca

    Doors not Opening (Custom Map Content)

    (not 100% on topic but. . . ) Christian @infiSTAR could this happen: someone is hacking a door on the server so infiSTAR reacts and all similar door types won't open? example: concrete base door on someone's base is being hacked so that "named door" won't open on anyone's base that has a concrete door? the topic but it made me think. I, as an admin and server owner and player, would see one type of door not open and my friends would say "yes same type of door" not opening for them. You don't need to respond but it is something to think about?
  5. Gattaca

    Server Issue - Script Restriction #7

    The easiest way to add this is: go to your script exception #, in this case #7, take everything from the first quote to the end quote and paste it in.
  6. Gattaca

    fixed :P

    you know posting the question and the answer helps the whole community. I know this is a foreign concept but . . .
  7. Gattaca

    BattlEye Restriction #18

    you need to post which log file this belongs to: scripts.log attachTo.log createVehicle.log etc. . . (this is for your benefit not mine. I already know which log file this is part of) if (isNil "BIS_fnc_MP_packet") then {BIS_fnc_MP_packet = compileFinal ""}; if (getnumber (configfile >> "CfgFunctions" >> "v" (go here, find "disableCollisionWith", line 22) add the above code with all the spaces. or load the file into notepad++ find the line that starts with "5 disableCollisionWith" and add the following to the very end. Don't forget to put a space after that previous exception !="\nif (isNil \"BIS_fnc_MP_packet\") then {BIS_fnc_MP_packet = compileFinal \"\"}; \n\n\nif (getnumber (configfile >> \"CfgFunctions\" >> \"v\""
  8. add: !="aur_is_rappelling" to the end of line #2 of your scripts.txt (note: you need a space after the last exception then you add the new exception. //new2 <------------ line #1 5 createUnit <------- line #2 (Still relevant information)
  9. Gattaca

    BE Restriction #14

    you need to post the exact error from the scripts.log or no one will be able to help
  10. Gattaca

    What is BIS_fnc_preload_server?

    its either a hacking attempt, e.g. if the value contains a bunch of random code spread over multiple lines, or an A3 engine bug. BIS_ in publicvariable.log should be treated as a false positive but lean on the safe side and watch those individuals (if time permitted).
  11. Gattaca


    the BE filters given to you by Exile (this site) you need to mash with the BE filters given to you by Infistar. Mash = combine both into one file. @maca134 provided us with a very easy way to edit the BE filters. Do some research on how to edit them and searching this site and googling your error will help you tremendously. The community doesn't mind helping but the whole philo of, "teach a man to fish. . . " is more my mantra.
  12. Gattaca

    Repetitive BattlEye kick - AH_KICK_OFF_

    you need to post error from the log file.
  13. Gattaca

    ALiVE Mod for AI or Occupation?

    I am going to move from my hosting company to an i5/8GB server sitting next to me. I appreciate you spending the time once the questions start flying
  14. Gattaca

    ALiVE Mod for AI or Occupation?

    @speedweasel would you be willing to work (answer questions) for those of use that are interested in ALIVE. I wouldn't be against putting the time into the system. We use to use Fmissions (Foamy's system) back in the A2/Epoch days. You had to build your own missions (which 90% of the population are either too lazy or don't want to spend the time) so it never really took off. ALIVE has amazing potential from what I've seen about it.
  15. Gattaca

    InfiSTAR and InfiSTAR XM8 issue

    Christian @infiSTAR. I was on @odizzzzle server when someone killed me in a safe zone then spammed me with private chats which lead to infiSTAR to do a ban to my account. is the bann a bug from someone spamming private chats? + safezone ? He is using your XM8 programs (private chat) and of course infiSTAR. semi funny but still an issue if someone can spam a person and they can get banned.