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  1. Rappidxshots

    ExigeGamers: READ

    ExigeGamers We are currently look for new staff members to help EXIGE grow into something even bigger and better! . Game server's we host.... 3x ARK server's 3x Arma 3 Exile 1x Arma 3 ALTIS Life We have year's of experience hosting multiple game server's and the managment of different community's. Please contact us via discord for more infomation on roles available. Our community is built around may different type's of people from many different corners of the world, so we would say we are very welcoming to whoever know's how to have a good time . Discord: https://discord.gg/nxm7dtz Website: http://exigegamers.com/ By Owner Alfie
  2. Rappidxshots

    Happy Easter :)

    Who is buying me a chocolate Egg?
  3. Rappidxshots


    Join and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Rappidxshots

    Exile 1.0.4 Virtual Garage

    yeah @dekela I already tried that, but no bother because I wanted to wipe either way
  5. Rappidxshots

    Exile 1.0.4 Virtual Garage

    I had to wipe my servers Db to get the Exile VG to work. As I was using Exad < fast fix
  6. Rappidxshots

    Appreciation (Shout Out)

  7. Rappidxshots

    Base Respawn

    Great work
  8. Rappidxshots

    can someone share their ExileZ pbo (cherno)

    close this^^^^ mark as solved
  9. Rappidxshots

    can someone share their ExileZ pbo (cherno)

    Hey I was wondering can someone share with me their working ExileZ pbo for cherno as I can get the triggers to work and spawn zeds in correct towns or main cities . Thanks
  10. Hello all We are looking for new community staff along with new community members, we have been running servers for the past two years with great deal of experience. And look to keep growing what we have built. Please feel free to come and chat with me (Alfie) Or any of our admin team regarding roles we have available. Contact us : http://exigegamers.com/
  11. Rappidxshots


    Come check us out
  12. Rappidxshots

    infiSTAR Exile setup on End of Reality Server

    @kj(GrUnT) If you submit a support ticket, I will be more then happy to setup InfiSTAR for you
  13. Rappidxshots

    (It's happening!) Exile Escape

    @WolfkillArcadia Ahh got you, sounds great
  14. Rappidxshots

    (It's happening!) Exile Escape

    would it be a game Mode like russian roulette or completing different version or exile to be installed so you could install the normal exile files and run that version or install Exile Escape and have that instead (guess that option?) I only just found out about new this recently, I been living in a hole LOL