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  1. VirtualMechanic | PvP

    Come and try out our Vanilla Exile Altis PvP server with extra added Scripts, vehicles, choppers, jets and more! We have custom respect and prices on all items and vehicles to balance everything, so it will not be easy to acquire a tank, and certainly not easy to keep it ones you did buy it! For more details check the info below or come and check it out yourself! Specific questions you can [contact]( us. Cheers, VirtualMechanic =========================================================================== Server details:|PvP WAR|5k|Altis|Exile1.0.2|APC/Tank+More IP: =========================================================================== Server side Scripts: - Towing, loading crates to vehicles, move crates - Vehicle Godmode in your base over restart - DMS Missions & ZCP Capture Points - Custom hotkey for meds - Occupation AI - Sell whole crates - Halo Jump - Extra Spawns =========================================================================== Added Arma 3 Vehicles: – Tanks – APC’s – Attack Helis – Attack Planes – Infantry launchers =========================================================================== Bambi loadout: – Can of food – Can opener – Water bottle – Lee-Enfield =========================================================================== Basic Server Rules: =========================================================================== Rules in SafeZones: - No stealing nor lurking at vehicles, crates or gear - Even "just" looking into the inventory or getting in can and will get you banned - All vehicles inside SafeZone willunlock on restart and are free to take when unattended =========================================================================== Do not: - Grief, be toxic or abuse anyone, not in chat either - Glitch, dupe or use other exploits - Don't be a Dickhead, even if you are one =========================================================================== No building on or near: – Military bases – Main roads – Traders – Spawn Towns – Don’t place base flags unreachable* =========================================================================== Have fun and play fair - Don't agree with something? Come and talk on our TS. - 24/7 day - English only in Side Chat – No refunds =========================================================================== Come test it out! Feedback is always welcome, =========================================================================== VirtualMechanic, Server Dev. =========================================================================== For more info, go to our website;
  2. VirtualMechanic

    Vehicle Rearm

    Hi all, I took a look into the code of the script and I was curious about a couple of things; 1. Does it still work on Arma 1.66? (there was an issue logged on github that it stopped working after 1.66) 2. Where do you set the ammo prices? Can you customise these? 3. If you cannot set the ammo prices, where does it get it from? Cheers, VirtualMechanic PS: I tried to install the AVS rearm/refuel script but got stuck on some problems.. So I started looking into other scripts
  3. VirtualMechanic


    Did you ever get an answer to this? I am looking into disabling vehicle radar on choppers and AA tanks, so any help would be cool!
  4. Yeah I thought so ;-) Tho my explanation could have been clearer too anyway, lets see if we have some SQL/SQF wizards here
  5. I have fiddled a bit with it, and I think the code should look something like this below: Tho I am not sure where and how I can set the interval time, and probably need something to define that, and I might have some syntax errors too (first try ever that I wrote some SQL script..)
  6. that's deleting yeah, I want a second option, to only unlock after x days. Example: after 3 days car unlocks, after 7 days car gets deleted (if not interacted with)
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking for a script or SQL code that I can put in my server to unlock not moved/used vehicles after 'x' days. This way I want to keep the server clean without it just being deleted so people have more ways of stealing stuff as well. I know this can be done by some MySQL scripting, but I by far no pro in that... so I would appreciate a script or some help of someone who does know his way! Cheers, VM
  8. VirtualMechanic

    Underwater Crate Script

    Some how this script is not working on my server, and I cannot find out why... So, who can help this noob? ;-) my watercrate.sqf, placed in the a folder for neatness efforts ;-) the lines out of the init.sqf I am running the latest Arma 3 and InfiSTAR. After I added this, packed the PBO again and started the server. But no markers can be found... Anyone knows what I am doing wrong here? Am I missing "Starting spawncrates.sqf" or is that a standard sqf that every server has? I also run DMS and ZCP, and those do work fine. Server is running the Altis map, no additional mods. Cheers, VM
  9. VirtualMechanic

    Miniguns broken

    Works like a dream! just tested it! Here a step-by-step guide: 1. Download the mod @ You do this by subscribing to it, and needs to be done client side. 2. Navigate to the folder where it is downloaded on your PC (Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\107410\720335480\Keys\) and copy the file called "sadminifix.bikey", and paste it in your keys folder server side (Server\keys\). This will make it an optional mod. Meaning people will not HAVE to download and activate it to enter your server, but can, when they want it to be fixed. 3. Let the client load the fix as a mod (in default Arma 3 launcher: add local mod, then select folder: Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\107410\720335480\) together with Exile and any other mods you are running. When now launching into your server with the additional mod loaded they can use the miniguns! Other players who do not have this downloaded and activated can still join and play, but the fix will not be applied to them until they download this. I did not find this out myself, I am only sharing the information I have found and made a step-by-step guide out of it. I am not responsible for any damage that may be done by installing this. I have personally tested and installed this as well on my server as explained above, so I am only speaking out of personal experience and can not fill in for others. Cheers! VirtualMechanic
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if its possible in Exile to add UAV's from other factions to the trader and them still being usable? I know that in Vanilla Arma it is not possible, unless writing a mod or script enable it (if I am right that is..) So the question is, can you and how? (in case of extra needed scripts or edits in the existing mod) I would personally like to add the MQ-12 falcon to my server, as I have an all out war Exile server. Tho when testing it in InfiSTAR I was not able to connect to the NATO UAV terminal, meaning I could not control the drone... (nor with scrolling on it when standing next to it). My guess this is because of faction limitation (Exile being in Independent and the MQ-12 Falcon is not..) Cheers, VirtualMechanic
  11. VirtualMechanic

    AV camera UAV not working

    Hi everyone, I noticed, that since a certain Exile update on (or InfiSTAR) the UAV camera overlay (AV camera) does not work anymore, and this bugs me... I loved that feature.. So, I would like to get it to work again. Do any of you know why it does not work anymore? is it simply by IDD blocked by @infiSTAR, or has is it something that has been done by the Exile devs? Either way, I would like to know and get a solution to fix it! Thanks in advance, VirtualMechanic
  12. VirtualMechanic

    Death Loop is annoying! :P

    Maybe a noob question, but where would I put this script? (step by step ) Edit: Managed to execute the script (was easier then I thought... just a simple script execution in MySQL...) Tho I would not know (yet) how to reverse it of everything goes to shit and my server burns in hell Edit2: Thanks @berserker_x86 for your explanation and the script itself! So far so good with the script in this post. I am manually checking the "player" database table for dupes still, to make sure it does not fuck up. This for setting the damage to 0 every 2 minutes has worked, and it did not create any dupes of player bodies either, nor have I had reports of other problems in the last 24 hours of testing. Will keep you guys and girls updated if it does start showing problems in any way.
  13. VirtualMechanic

    New Bug or Exploit?

    The "block vehicle sell glitch" I already added a while ago. As I said, nothing is being sold, and no respect is gained either.. Are you speaking about a different script he shared? Either way, thanks for the effort. I will keep searching
  14. VirtualMechanic

    New Bug or Exploit?

    Hi all, For a bit of background info: I am running a full on PvP server with extra added vehicles like tanks and attack helicopters and planes that go for a good amount of money. To let the players be able to afford that, I made the missions more rewarding, but nothing over the top (you need to play a LOT to be able to get those vehicles, and will be taken down "easily" by missiles, but that besides the point.. After dealing with a lot of dupers (including the dead body dupe) I have now seen people gain a lot of money (up till 1 million) without re-logging or selling anything. It has happened too often for it to be someone simply giving someone money, and even then, someone should get poor, which does not seem the case. I read through the logs a lot, and I can only find it back in InfiSTAR's surveillance log, without being able to trace how the player gains the money (as said, nothing being sold and no re-logging of the player itself) Does anyone have any idea if there is a new exploit out there? If that is the case, please let me know by private message (when possible in detail) what it is, and how to fight it. TL;DR people gaining large sums of money, without gaining respect, re-logging or selling anything. It's not the "usual" amounts, but I have not been able to track down the source yet. please help if you have any additional info about new exploits. Cheers, VirtualMechanic
  15. VirtualMechanic

    Death Loop is annoying! :P

    I have got the same problem still as well. I am going to try the "requiredBuild = 139586;" fix now, as it did make the problem much worse since the last 1 or 2 Arma builds... For the people not knowing where to find that: "~Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg" I will keep you guys and girls posted on the topic. Please do re-link any fixes that worked for you as well. When doing so, please be in dept about where you placed certain code or scripts and how they work. More often then not it is quite fugue for the people who are no Arma Dev Pro's (like me) to figure out which specific file and place advice us to put it in. Not even speaking about the Syntax itself! A big thanks in advance and let's all keep Exile alive! VirtualMechanic Edit: Updated Infistar to the latest version, have Arma on the latest version as well and changed the "requiredBuild" as sugested, but already had multiple "fresh" instances of the same problem after cleaning up the database of "old" ones.. Trying the SQL script of @berserker_x86 now (details in his comment below)