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  1. The Unknown

    Crashes? Please help!

    When does it crash for you? About 100kb into receiving mission file. What was the last thing you have seen before it crashed? The size of the mission file and the fancy new loading screen Does it crash every time or just sometimes? Everytime, except once....and only once. Which Arma version and branch (Stable, Dev, RC/Sneak Peak) are you running? Stable. Which Arma DLCs do you own? Karts? Marksmen? APEX? Helicopters? Zeus? All except APEX Which operating system are you using? Windows 10 (pro, i think) Are you using a custom memory allocator? (-malloc start-up parameter) I've tried both with and without. Please let off some steam here I'm not a kettle, no need for steam (I will mention here though that everyone I know having issues is running windows 10) If possible, please show us your .rpt file, e.g. via Pastebin If possible, upload the last "Minidump" (.bidmp and .mdmp files) here. You can find them next to the .rpt
  2. The Unknown

    Client cannot connect/memory errors Guide

    Unfortunately this didn't work for me much sadness.... I don't know a great deal at all, but, (and it could be coincidence) all the people I know who've had issues with the latest exile patch have all been using Windows 10. All those I know running windows 7 still have had zero issues. Could just be bad luck etc. but, maybe this will spark an idea for someone if it is indeed something to do with something. After trying this fix I was still getting the seemingly random windows crash error messages. Some were seemingly nothing to do with arma at all like the DIVIDE_BY_ZERO one.....from what I gathered that actually has to do with internet explorer......odd stuff.
  3. The Unknown


    Same man. I get this as well as a bunch of other memory crashes and various windows errors. Again, only since the latest update. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. The Unknown


    I've been only getting this problem since the kiwi update. I've done a full fresh install of exile, verified arma 3 and updated my graphics card fully. So far I've tried about 10 different servers, all with people on, and I get a seemingly random windows crash (including the above memory crashes) and I've only managed to connect to 1 server running the new update. It seems I always get the crash less than 100kb into downloading the mission file of the server. Anyone got any ideas on what could be causing that?
  5. The Unknown

    Craft Arrays

    That's ok man, I do that all the time That was actually helpful for something else though, as, I was trying to work out how to add my own classes to Barma recipes and thus, there be the answer So much thanks!
  6. The Unknown

    Craft Arrays

    Hi guys and gals. Would someone show me the right layout for creating an array for a crafted object? So, for example, if I wanted to have the option to use either a screwdriver OR cordless screwdriver when crafting an object? Not sure if it should look like this maybe, in the tools[]= {"Exile_Item_Screwdriver","Exile_Item_CordlessScrewdriver"} Also, could this be applied to the required materials too? So, if you could use a better prisoners mag OR bog roll to craft a bandage? Thanks for the help friends
  7. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    CUP_Weapons wasn't running as I was just running a test with no mods on but namalsk, exile and mas weapons on that last log. I should probably have removed vemf too however as they would have been looking for CUP gear that wasn't there. I'm not sure for the life of me when I last updated infiSTAR.....I think it was about 2 weeks ago, but, it might have been longer....I'll double check that so thanks for the heads up (Cause I always seem to miss updated in general). I've now fixed this issue however I believe. It seems that at some point my NATO_Rus_Weapons folder had become corrupted or was missing something despite not having been edited since it previously worked. We did have the server moved by our host provider and all I can think is something got messed up when they transferred it. I came to this conclusion as I ran a completely vanilla exile with my mas weapons only on and I still had them despawn after disconnects......that made me assume it was the mod itself and I re-upped it from scratch and now stuff stays after disconnecting....about time Thanks for the info guys and gals. Mods can consider this topic closed
  8. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    Hey again, so, I've now tried to run the server with Namalsk, Exile, infiSTAR and Nato_Rus_Weapons only and the exact same issue occurs. I double checked the key and actually copied it over fresh to make sure (as I knew Mas vehicles has the same key, thought maybe there was some possible issue there). Alas, the problem remained. So, just a quick recap of the issue. The server can spawn NATO_RUS_Weapons in, you can purchase them and use them, but, you can't seem to pick them up if you put them down and they despawn after disconnecting. If left in a container, they will remain, but, be completely inaccessible. I'm just about to try the server with no infiSTAR on, just in case that's some how the issue. If I get no where trying that, I'll get myself a fresh mission file and see what happens. In the meantime, my latest long list of errors in the latest log, with just the aforementioned mods running. Thanks again guys and gals Edit: infiSTAR isn't the issue either it seems. Test without it did the same thing.
  9. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    Sounds good. Hopefully however, it'll all go swimmingly well and it'll magically fix itself I have the slightest inkling however that that may be wishful thinking lol. Thanks again.
  10. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    Well thank you for the input man and I wish I knew what errors there were and how to fix them I think the sensible thing for me to do then will be to disable all the mods except Exile, Namalsk and Mas Weapons and see if I still get the issue of the items despawning.....If I do, perhaps there's something up with my server's version of it and I'll try a fresh upload.
  11. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    I've checked the keys and yeah, they're all ok. As for all the mods, it's not my server, I just "try" and run it as I apparently have the most knowledge on how to do so.....of which I have none. That being said, the mods aren't too much in the sense of we don't have lots of duplicated version of stuff or etc.....We prefer the MAS ak's for example, so the CUP and RHS ak's are removed. The RHS vehicles are nice and CUP's M4's and (esp.) the L85 are nice, so they stay over MAS version etc. etc. A3XAI was simply the Roaming Ai that were suggested to me when I was setting things up, and, seeing as it has run fine, I didn't see much need to change it. As for all the server errors. Feel free to point some out, as, I'm not a coder at all. I know there's an error when I play on the server and something isn't working.....and at the moment, everything works except for MAS remaining after a restart. Ps. That spawned HK416 was just to see if it would spawns onto me, but not onto the ground in front of me.....and not to sound like a know it all (as I genuinely know nothing) but ALL my current loadout on the server has been spawned in and it saves each and everytime?
  12. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    To be honest, stuff I spawn always remains in the database? Anything I spawn for myself, be it vanilla, CUP or, back when it was working, MAS is still on me after restart or after any other disconnect. Regardless, I tested the purchased ones and no luck there either. Link to my latest log. Thanks for the help @Brit
  13. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    I'm pretty sure, but, I was under the impression that the database saved whatever you had on you anyway? I'll go and test it now though just to be on the safe side. Update: Ok, so tested purchasing one and it again despawned. I also tried putting a purchased one in a vehicle....It was still there, but, I couldn't do anything with it....couldn't move it or wear it etc. Not sure what that means
  14. The Unknown

    MAS Weapons

    Hey guys, just having a little issue with my NATO_Rus_Weapons recently. It seems that all items from the weapon pack work fine, but, they always despawn on a disconnect or a restart. You can buy them, wear them, shoot them and sell them all just fine....but they're gone after a disconnect. A3XAI is showing this in the logs.... 15:47:45 "[A3XAI] Removing invalid classname: B_mas_m_Bergen_acr_c." This is for all the MAS Weapons seemingly. I have had that before with the server remembering the MAS weapons stuff though, so, I'm not sure that's the problem. Also, had this when I logged in... 15:49:41 Cannot create non-ai vehicle B_mas_m_Bergen_acr_c, 15:49:41 Cannot create object 3:5 with type[Entity], param[B_mas_m_Bergen_acr_c], NMT code[89]: 15:49:41 Error: Object(3 : 5) not found 15:49:41 Client: Object 3:5 (type Type_119) not found. 15:49:41 Client: Object 3:5 (type Type_91) not found. 15:49:41 Client: Object 3:5 (type Type_420) not found. 15:49:41 Error: Object(3 : 5) not found Seems like the issue, but, not sure how to fix it Anyone got any ideas? FYI: I'm running @Exile;@Namalsk;@CUP_Weapons;@NATO_Rus_Vehicles;@RHSAFRF;@ASDG_JR;@Extended_Base_Mod;@CPCTRYK;@TRYK; and obviously I'm trying to have NATO_Rus_Weapons too. I've had it working before, but, this time round, the despawning issue has occured. Ps. I've tried running it with CBA_A3 on the server, which hasn't helped. I've also tried changing the Pbo for the ASDG_JR compatibility over, but, I might not have done that correctly. (I also has A3XAI, Enigma Revive, R3F, Igiload and VEMF-r running script wise too) Thanks for any help
  15. The Unknown

    Server crashing

    It is looking more and more likely to be a combination of things really. TRYK does indeed seem to be causing some errors (but I've seen it running successfully elsewhere even now it's back on the beta version) so I'm not willing to just blame the mod. Pretty sure I've made mistakes along the way. I've decided that I will start over from scratch with a fresh Exile sever config and mission file and remove all the mods. I've actually just done this and it's running, as you'd expect, like butter. I'll take my time, go through it, mod by mod and test it all as I go, see if I spot any point where it all starts going pear shaped. I think I'll leave TRYK til last too Thanks for the help chaps