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  1. Raven-DMW

    infiSTAR Exile CustomApps

    yes its about 5mins before the apps are displayed when I first join I see the default app plus the status bar app from ExAd, 5mins later the first 3 are the defaults, then the infiSTAR apps and then the last App is the status bar no errors in the RPT file
  2. Raven-DMW

    infiSTAR Exile CustomApps

    i'll time it later and let you know but its about 5mins (not really a big issue) Server is up, unlocked, all objects loaded, can access infiSTAR but just 5mins later the apps get displayed Cheers
  3. Raven-DMW

    infiSTAR Exile CustomApps

    I tested it with just the PBO in the download and removing some of the apps and both times it took about 5mins to display I do have ExAd installed, but I disabled this and still took 5mins or so to display the InfiStar XM8 Apps Cheers
  4. Raven-DMW

    infiSTAR Exile CustomApps

    I didn't think it was but it is arma... Any ideas? can you help? Thanks
  5. Raven-DMW

    infiSTAR Exile CustomApps

    OK quick update the apps do load but it takes 5mins or so once the server is booted for them to be displayed I take it that isn't normal?
  6. Raven-DMW

    infiSTAR Exile CustomApps

    Hey @infiSTAR I got the infiStar Exile CustomApps the other day and uploaded to the server but was unable to see any of the apps in the XM8 I'm sure its something really easy and is a conflict with some other mod\script but I just cant spot it I checked the RPT file but the only reference is it loading the PBO file Any pointers? Cheers
  7. Raven-DMW

    Cleanup Bikes Script

    Hey @happydayz I put the code into the initServer.sqf but when I start the server I see the below in my RPT file and bikes don't clean up, I tested the main delete function in the debug console and it works fine, just wont add the task 17:40:04 Error in expression <thread_threadAdjust.sqf" if (ExileSystemThreadDelays isEqualTo []) th> 17:40:04 Error position: <ExileSystemThreadDelays isEqualTo []) th> 17:40:04 Error Undefined variable in expression: exilesystemthreaddelays 17:40:04 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_thread_threadAdjust.sqf, line 12 17:40:04 Error in expression <hreadID = param [4, false]; _threadId = ExileSystemThreadID; if(_pushBackThreadI> 17:40:04 Error position: <ExileSystemThreadID; if(_pushBackThreadI> 17:40:04 Error Undefined variable in expression: exilesystemthreadid 17:40:04 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_thread_addTask.sqf, line 18 have I done something wrong or has stuff changed since this was posted? Cheers
  8. Raven-DMW

    Painting Bases?

    I found the download in this topic Has anyone made this work yet? or even created new one, EXO? would they share the script?
  9. Raven-DMW

    Painting Bases?

    Agree creating new objects with the texture would be the best idea but that's way past my skills in arma Say you only wanted to add RGB values to the objects, that wouldn't hurt FPS that much? Cheers
  10. Raven-DMW

    Painting Bases?

    Hey @TheAmazingTaco, did you find a script or someone who will share? I found a script used in epoch and was going to try and tweak it, hopefully get time over the xmas for this Cheers
  11. Raven-DMW

    Weapons crashing clients

    We are currently having this issue on a Cherno server, also a weird weapon glitch where the barrel floats in the air I think its the glitch that causes the client to crash What Mods\Addons\Scripts do you have installed? I have striped our Cherno server back to basic's and adding them back in one by one to see if I can find the issue
  12. Hello Can someone help with the below error i'm getting when booting my server The server then goes into a loop and you have to stop arma.exe I've been playing around for ages but i'm hitting a brick wall, don't know what i'm missing or doing wrong. If I remove exad_core.pbo from the addons folder the server boots and i'm able to join, so maybe the mission file is correct? I have this working on a Cherno server but trying to add it to a Esseker server Thanks
  13. Raven-DMW

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    I'm having a few weird issues so I think i'm missing something Issues with a few vehicles but lets start with the Y-32, I only want the gatling gun to work so I added "8Rnd_LG_scalpel" and "38Rnd_80mm_rockets" to AVS_GlobalAmmoBlacklist and then ["250Rnd_30mm_HE_shells_Tracer_Green", 2500] to AVS_RearmCosts All is good when you buy the Y-32, only the gatling gun works. Its when I go and rearm, it doesn't just rearm the gatling it also gives me the rockets am I doing something wrong? Its only the apex vehicles i'm having issues with Thanks
  14. Raven-DMW


    All the code you need is up above, what issues are you having?
  15. Raven-DMW

    Changing Safes

    Yes you can change the amount a safe can store You need to overwrite two files, one server and one client ExileServer_system_money_network_putMoneyRequest.sqf ExileClient_gui_inventory_updatePopTabControls.sqf I copied the files into my PBO and then added a custom code overwrite in the config.cpp file ExileClient_gui_inventory_updatePopTabControls = "custom\safes\ExileClient_gui_inventory_updatePopTabControls.sqf"; ExileServer_system_money_network_putMoneyRequest = "custom\safes\ExileServer_system_money_network_putMoneyRequest.sqf"; if you look in the two files you will find a line "_maximumPoptabsLoad = _maximumLoad * 10;" & "_maximumCapacity = _maximumLoad * 10;" Safe size is 3000, so * 10 = 30,000. So just change the * 10 to what ever you want This changes the pop tab limit for everything, not just safes Hope that helps