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  1. Bon3z

    One player connecting issue.

    I found it and that did in fact work. Thank you very much for the help.
  2. Bon3z

    One player connecting issue.

    Thank you for the quick reply first off. What folder is the Player table located in. Sorry for my lack of knowledge in this matter.
  3. Bon3z

    One player connecting issue.

    One player has connection issues on my server. When he connects he spawns in the ground until it times out and he gets disconnected. No other players have this issue. The search function has not turned up any help in the forums. He has reinstalled all mods and verified game files through steam. Nothing has worked so far. I am running Exile, Extended Base Mods, Ryan Zombies, DMS Occupation mods only on the server. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully this is the correct place in the forums to ask this time.
  4. Minor issue I just can not seem to figure out. The DMS Occupation Roaming AI vehicles will not sell at the traders. These vehicles can be purchased from the traders and have prices set, But the AI Roaming vehicles under the same name will not sell? Could not find any topic in these threads about this, so figured I would ask here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I understand red_ned. I am just such a noob at all this I always have a hard time with anything on github. No fault of yours of course, it is all on me.
  6. Github.......Ugh.
  7. Bon3z

    Disappearing vehicles on restarts

    Indeed, does this still work properly on the Potato update?
  8. Updated DMS Red, no problems there. However same issue after installing this mission. Status bar is there, but pure black screen. One thing I noticed when reading the install.txt document. Step 6 says 6. Repack altis_config.sqf into PBO. , This is an .sqf file Im sure you know, do I need to convert it to a PBO file somehow? Only step that confused me some. Here is that file directly from my server. Custom configs for Altis. Sample by eraser1 All of these configs exist in the main config. The configs below will simply override any config from the main config (although the majority of them are the same). Explanations to all of these configs also exist in the main config. */ DMS_findSafePosBlacklist = [ [[22500,19420],[24870,16725]] // Salt flats are blacklisted for Altis by default. ]; // These configs are the default values from the main config. Just included here as an example. DMS_PlayerNearBlacklist = 2000; DMS_SpawnZoneNearBlacklist = 2500; DMS_TraderZoneNearBlacklist = 2500; DMS_MissionNearBlacklist = 2500; DMS_WaterNearBlacklist = 500; // Altis is pretty flat, so we can make the min surfaceNormal ... stricter? more strict? Who cares, you get the idea. DMS_MinSurfaceNormal = 0.95; // Making these configs below as strict as possible will help in reducing the number of attempts taken to find a valid position, and as a result, improve performance. DMS_MinDistFromWestBorder = 2000; // There's at least 2km of ocean from the west edge to the first bit of land. DMS_MinDistFromEastBorder = 2250; // There's over 2km of ocean from the east edge to the first bit of land. DMS_MinDistFromSouthBorder = 5000; // There's about 5km of ocean from the south edge to the first bit of land. DMS_MinDistFromNorthBorder = 5200; // There's around 5km of ocean from the north edge to the first bit of land (including the island). // Add the "saltflats" and "slums" mission to the existing mission types. DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["saltflats",1],["slums",1],["kastro_castle",1]]; // Add the "salt flats base" and "slums" to the "bases" to spawn on server startup. NOTE: "append" and "pushback" are NOT the same. DMS_StaticMissionTypes append ["saltflatsbase","slums_objects","kastro_castle_buildings"];
  9. Bon3z

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    My DMS has been working great. Then I tried installing some new missions and the server boots fine, but I get nothing but a black screen when I join. I understand this was an issue awhile back and was fixed. Guess my DMS is a little outdated. Do the links in the beginning of this 156 page thread have the updated files? This is the version I am currently running. 24-06-2016 11:02:19 | DMS post-init complete. productVersion: ["Arma 3","Arma3",160,136406,"Stable",true,"Windows"] | infiSTAR version: 19-Apr-2016 21-46-04 - v0045 |::|::| (DMS_Version: "February 19 2016" | time: 88.161 | diag_tickTime: 130.135 | 36.036 FPS)
  10. So work got in the way of gaming this week. Seems I do have an outdated DMS. 24-06-2016 11:02:19 | DMS post-init complete. productVersion: ["Arma 3","Arma3",160,136406,"Stable",true,"Windows"] | infiSTAR version: 19-Apr-2016 21-46-04 - v0045 |::|::| (DMS_Version: "February 19 2016" | time: 88.161 | diag_tickTime: 130.135 | 36.036 FPS) Guess I will have to figure out how to update everything now without losing the changes I have made. That would be unfortunate.
  11. Yes, very first custom mission. Nice work on it btw, played this mission in another server. Anyway the server is about 2 months old. I am completely new to coding so any help is greatly appreciated. Currently at work so Ill check the build when I get home.
  12. Red, after installing this step by step, when I log into server I get my status bar on the bottom, ie pop tabs / health / respect ect ect, but the screen otherwise is entirely black. I can not do anything else except ctrl/alt/delete and close arma 3. Game is not locked up, I am getting 60 fps, because the screen is all black, lol, but can not play obviously. Any ideas how to correct that? Could this be an issue if Kavala is indeed a spawn city? DMS_SpawnZoneNearBlacklist = 2500; // Missions won't spawn in a position this many meters close to a spawn zone
  13. Bon3z

    Adding zombies and Demons to my server

    Extremely new to maintaining a server so my apologies for being a coding newbie / dummy. I have the folder where it needs to be, but having issues finding exactly how to add the folder name to the command line. Are you referring to the batch file used to start the server? Thanks a ton for the reply and help BetterDead!!
  14. Bon3z

    Adding zombies and Demons to my server

    Any answer to this question ever reach anybody?
  15. Bon3z

    Slower Hunger and Thirst

    I already tried this above change above and the thirst and hunger are still dropping 1% every 20 seconds or so. Is the below fix still relevant? My files seem to be slightly different. Already punched in the 0.7 and 0.6 for the hunger and thirst. But these two lines of code are different. ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [2, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2) - (100 / 5400 * _hungerFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max 0)];ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [3, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3) - (100 / 3600 * _thirstFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max As compared to my server file below. _hungerFactor = 0.7; _thirstFactor = 0.6; if (ExileClientPlayerIsInfantry) then { ExileClientPlayerVelocity = ExileClientPlayerVelocity min 24; if (ExileClientPlayerVelocity > 0) then { _hungerFactor = 0.7 + ExileClientPlayerVelocity / 64 * _timeElapsed; _thirstFactor = 0.6 + ExileClientPlayerVelocity / 48 * _timeElapsed; }; } else { if (ExileClientIsInBush) then { call ExileClient_object_bush_detach; }; if (ExileClientPlayerIsBambi) then { if !((typeOf (vehicle player)) isEqualTo "Steerable_Parachute_F") then { call ExileClient_object_player_bambiStateEnd; }; }; }; ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [2, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2) - (100 / ExileClientHungerDecay * _hungerFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max 0)]; ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [3, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3) - (100 / ExileClientThirstDecay * _thirstFactor * _timeElapsed)) min 100) max 0)]; if ((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 2) == 0 || (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 3) == 0 || ExileClientPlayerIsBleeding) then { ExileClientPlayerAttributes set [0, ((((ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 0) - ExileClientHealthDecay * _timeElapsed) min 100) max 0)];