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  1. Tech_Support

    Arma3 Server

    Anyone want to help run a server/community? Server is sitting idle (Not Modded Yet open to what mods we run and map) VPS Location: Dallas (windows 2012 r2 server lic) Website: Looking to build a dedicated team to work with running a community PM me for fast reply With what you would like to do/help with P.S Dont reply telling me how much effort or how long it takes you to setup a good server i know this shit already. Thanks.
  2. Tech_Support

    Arma 3 Exile HELP!!!

    Start with setting up a default Exile server once you have this running connect to it to test your server is working fine. (Recommend: "A3launcher" to find and connect to your server) A little about Arma 3 servers: Server side code = scripts/code running on the server (server.pbo) Client side code = player downloads mission file on connect to your server these files run on the players machine (mission.pbo) The mission.pbo and the server.pbo is what you want to download and unpack (Recommend: "pbomanager") work on repack into .pbo upload back to the server. Inside = @ExileServer folder then Addons folder you will find server.pbo's Inside = MPMissions folder you will find mission.pbo's Edit "config.cfg" class Exile { template = Exile.Malden; // Exile.Namalsk, Exile.Altis, Exile.Tanoa, ExileEscape.Altis, ExileEscape.Tanoa // do NOT use custom difficulties! // Use either ExileRegular or ExileHardcore // or you will break Exile! difficulty = "ExileRegular"; }; Change template to match the mission.pbo you want to run Still this is just editing Exile no missions no zombies nothing but Exile To add Ai missions find some on the forums Follow the INSTALL Guide for the addon DMS You need to download the files and add them to your server To download DMS go here: You can simply download the a3_dms folder and pack that yourself using any pbo packer application. 5. INSTALLATION: Installation is as simple as it gets. Modify the config.sqf to your liking or just keep it stock, I'm not your mother. Pack it to a pbo using any application of your liking. The prefixes should not be touched. Open @ExileServer\addons\ and place it in here. That is, place a3_dms.pbo inside the addons folder of @ExileServer EASY AS PIE. DMS has its own settings you can edit if you look inside the a3_dms folder for config.sqf Most scripts/addons will have settings you can edit to your liking otherwise if you know what your doing you can edit the code to your liking What you run on your server, Server side everyone will need to have the same files so if you add another MOD "Ryans Zombie and Demons" your players will need to download this MOD also (A3launcher will do this for you) To add another mod copy the @nameofmod into your server root dir (where the @Exile folder is) Most mods have a .bikey you will need to copy it to the keys folder in your server root dir Last thing to do for most MODS is add it to the command line for launch -mod=@Exile;@nameofmod
  3. Tech_Support

    Infistar Global Ban

    I played for over 6 years arma epoch, exile, koth Never had a ban on any server for any reason you know why? cos i dont fucking cheat!!!
  4. Tech_Support

    Infistar Global Ban

    DONT F*****G CHEAT IN GAME!!! Duping, Glitching, whatever your excuse is CHEATING IS CHEATING its people like you that make games unplayable NO SKILL = SHIT C**TS buy a f*****g hax then complain when they get caught its not fair. You know whats not fair playing on servers with f**kh**ds that cheat!!! Guns dont kill people people kill people! It was not the player duping that got a ban it was the server duping it did it honest!!! "I dont know how those duped items got into my inventory, im f*****g innocent" LMFAO First time i heard of a server duping items by itself and a player getting banned for it.... sounds like BS to me You took a risk you cheated in game you got caught deal with it!!! if you cant tell i F*****G HATE CHEATING C**TS!!!
  5. Tech_Support


    Running base DesolationREDUX on CHernarusREDUX map with a custom mod pack if anyone looking to try out a rp server/community visit
  6. Tech_Support


    I sent you a PM.
  7. Tech_Support


    Can close this no longer looking found someone! dont need luck i know what im doing been hosting servers for around 8 years now gave up on game server providers years ago!!!
  8. Tech_Support

    Server Crash on Shutdown

    This server monitor batch script works fine it was made for arma2 dayz epoch server just update the command line and settings and edit a few echos this will also back up the sql database and restart the server then BEC edit the script to your needs remove parts or add to it i changed a few things up to suit a exile server. @echo off ::CREDITS::Raklatif's Arma2OA Monitor, f3cuk Database backup, juandayz ::CONFIG SETTINGS set becPath="C:\Exile_Server\Bec" set serverPath="C:\Exile_Server" set DB_USERNAME="Exile" set DB_PASSWORD="1234567890" set DB_NAME="exile_main" set PATH_TO_BACKUP_FOLDER="C:\backup" set PATH_TO_MYSQL_BIN="C:\wamp64\bin\mysql\mysql5.7.14\bin" ::END SETTINGS :arma3Exileserver echo (%time%) Backing up database. FOR /F "tokens=1-4 DELIMS=/ " %%F IN ('date /T') DO (set v_date=%%F%%G%%H) FOR /F "tokens=1-4 DELIMS=: " %%F IN ('time /T') DO (set v_time=%%F%%G%%H) set fname=database_%v_date%_%v_time%.sql cd %PATH_TO_MYSQL_BIN% mysqldump.exe -e -u%DB_USERNAME% -p%DB_PASSWORD% %DB_NAME% > %PATH_TO_BACKUP_FOLDER%\%fname% echo (%time%) DIR %PATH_TO_BACKUP_FOLDER% FILE %fname% ping -n 5 >NUL echo Watching ArmA3 Exile Main Server For Crashes/Restarts... echo If you want to close arma3Exileserver and this script, close the arma3Exileserver window and type Y depending on your language followed by Enter. title PUT YOUR SERVER NAME HERE (so you know what monitor is monitoring what server)! cd %becPath% echo (%time%) bec started. start Bec.exe -f Config.cfg cd %serverPath% echo (%time%) arma3Exileserver started. start /wait "arma2" /min "C:\Exile_Server\arma3server.exe" -port=2302 -autoInit -noSound -noPause "-config=Exile_Server\config.cfg" "-cfg=Exile_Server\basic.cfg" "-profiles=SC" -name=SC "-mod=@exile;@exileserver;" echo (%time%) WARNING: arma2oaserver closed or crashed, restarting. goto arma3Exileserver
  9. Tech_Support


    I will be... as soon as i find someone that wants to help run/admin them
  10. Tech_Support


    Setting up a server takes about an hr adding mods dont take very long either adding scripts same editing settings tweaking server never ending! lol
  11. Tech_Support


    Hello, anyone interested in splitting payments with me to rent a server and start a new gaming community? PM me! Looking to get something up and running asap.
  12. Tech_Support

    Helping a Friend

    A3launcher runs as Administrator by default and steam does not i had this issue on a pc and had to run steam also as Administrator try running both launcher and steam as Administrator (run Steam before the launcher)
  13. Tech_Support

    Looking for experienced person to help on my new server.

    PM me if you like i will take a look at your server files and help you get some things working/setup.
  14. Tech_Support

    Looking for experienced person to help on my new server.

    Edit config.cfg at the bottom of file class Missions { class Exile { template = Exile.Tanoa; // Exile.Namalsk, Exile.Altis, Exile.Tanoa // do NOT use custom difficulties! // Use either ExileRegular or ExileHardcore // or you will break Exile! difficulty = "ExileRegular"; }; }; Change the default setting ExileRegular to ExileHardcore Should make it first person only or check out
  15. Tech_Support

    Looking for experienced person to help on my new server.

    What do you need help with ? Are your Servers hosted or on vps/dedi ?