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  1. Funkyourdauter

    noob server wont start

    thats not much to go on
  2. Funkyourdauter

    new server kicks players in odd manner

    my server kicks me back to lobby every time i join. nothing in the rpt why that i can see. heres my rpt. so i log in and i see the ground then i am up in the air looking at the land way up then back to lobby. also none of my mods light up with green dots they are all red.
  3. Funkyourdauter

    [SOLVED] Namalsk not working

    that worked thank you very much!
  4. Funkyourdauter

    [SOLVED] Namalsk not working

  5. Funkyourdauter

    [SOLVED] Namalsk not working

    I have started a Fresh Server and set it up for Namalsk but not one person can connect it always say that the keys are not signed by this server i have looked up everything i can on google and tried very hard to fix this myself. i finally decided to ask the Exile community for help. maybe someone here knows the issue please let me know if you can help me . Thank you for your time.
  6. Funkyourdauter

    [SOLVED] Set Up Issues

    whats the issue?
  7. Funkyourdauter

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    That fixed it thanks ! I really appreciate it !
  8. Funkyourdauter

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking here is the entire file
  9. Funkyourdauter

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    I have now checked there and nothing is out of place that i can see.
  10. Funkyourdauter

    [CLOSED] Advanced Banking

    i know i am kind of a noob but i cant get this to work on my server all right now . file mpmissions\_cur_map.Altis\description.ext, line 99:/CfginteractionMenus/: Missing '}' thats what i get . but when i go where that says that line doesnt even exist i followed the guide from github. and cant seem to figure it out. anyone know what i need to do ?