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  1. Special Ed

    Adding briefing notes?

    Did you ever find this? I'm looking to do the same thing
  2. Special Ed

    Unknown RPT Errors

    Hi Guys, I have a series of errors in my rpt that i've added below. As you can see they start when my server begins spawning in cars. I'm not sure what these errors mean or if they are common or uncommon so I was hoping to get some feedback about what they probably mean and if/how/whether I should fix them. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Guys, Since the update i've been gettin these errors in my rpt: I'm not really sure what these mean and on joining my server players are getting an annoying popup saying something similar to "bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/WeaponSlotsInfo.scope" Players can still join the server and play but these popups occur twice before they enter and it just looks unprofessional. Does anyone know how to fix these? Thanks
  4. Special Ed

    TCA Game kicks - Mass Weaps & Vehicles

    Thanks again Hogans Heroes. All I had to do was add those missing pbo names into my mission.sqm addons file. Might be assumed knowledge but not for a rookie like me.
  5. Special Ed

    TCA Game kicks - Mass Weaps & Vehicles

    Hi BetterDeadThanZed. I have already reinstalled the mods from scratch and asked players to do the same. There are errors in my rpt which also makes me think there is something else going on. Such as this: And this: As you can see the server is sending back "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted." errors before anyone has even joined. As I reinstalled the mods last night I have no idea why this could be happening...
  6. Special Ed

    TCA Game kicks - Mass Weaps & Vehicles

    Hi, Ever since the last update to Arma 3 and Exile (Kohlrabi) my server has developed some game breaking issues regarding the Mas Weapons and Vehicles Mods/addons. I have deleted and reinstalled the mods on the server, as well as replacing the bikey for the addons as well. I've also asked player getting the kicks to reinstall their mods. Unfortunately players are continually being kicked with the TCA game message. My rpt log shows alot of "missing files" errors but I don't know why. Does anyone know what would be the cause of this? I am installing CUP instead now because I cant find a solution but I would rather use mas. I would appreciate any help anyone could give. Here is my rpt:
  7. Special Ed

    exile.bikey for 1.0.2 update

    Nevermind. I am a fool.
  8. Special Ed

    exile.bikey for 1.0.2 update

    Hello, I am in the process of updating my exile server but I cannot find the newest exile.bikey for 1.0.2. Where do I get it from? Am I being really stupid? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Special Ed

    Problem Installing Extended Base Mod

    Here's my rpt. Sorry I didn't post it initially.
  10. Special Ed

    Problem Installing Extended Base Mod

    Ok thanks. I will post my rpt when i get home.
  11. Special Ed

    R3F Exile

    Thanks to HogansHeroes for getting this working for me. What a ledgehammer.
  12. Hello, I'm having trouble installing extended base mod and was hoping someone could help me figure out what is wrong. I followed the information in the readme as closely as I could. When I try to join the server I get stuck on the loading map screen. My gamepanel shows that there is one person on the server, but thats just me stuck on the loading map screen. I have tried the following lines of code both inside and outside of brackets. Can anyone help me? class CfgExileArsenal class CfgTraderCategories class CfgCraftingRecipes class CfgExileArsenal class Exile_Trader_Hardware
  13. Special Ed

    R3F Exile

    Hey so I tested that out. Still not working
  14. Special Ed

    R3F Exile

    Ok i've fixed those two now. Should I re-test?
  15. Special Ed

    R3F Exile

    Thanks HogansHeroes but its still a no go. I don't get any prompts via the scroll wheel while in game. Will quote the neccessarys below (neater this time) description.txt: init.sqf: config.sqf: (Don't want heli-lifting) rpt: Thanks for all your help already. Would appreciate any more help you're able to give.