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  1. TailoredAssassin


    I have placed this mod on a server i'm currently helping get up and running, But now i'm interested in getting them to occupy salt flats static mission spot . only issue is to have them in towers , but they don't seem to work, due to my lack of scripting is this possible? On another Note my units re spawn in other Mil base locations except the Vehicles do not is this possible. I do love this mod and I think other mods in same category should follow this Mod as an example of what players and servers want. kuplion Love your work man ... Kudos to you and all in your Field .
  2. TailoredAssassin

    Radio chatter for Exile Occupation, like A3XAI

    I have that Enabled, But only thing i get is when your near them they talk among themselves . and now i know why he has it titled shut the fuck up . But frankly it isn't the same it does not announce " Your Radio is picking up a signal " when their are approaching AI. red_ned Love what you did too the missions for DMS
  3. TailoredAssassin

    fn_preStart.sqf not found

    I see this topic has been closed , I don't post much and I do my Do-Diligence . But I am @ a dead end on this topic . can someone please help as the link to the current post gives me some 401 error.
  4. TailoredAssassin


    I have the same issue on my end as well.
  5. TailoredAssassin

    land_i_barracks_v1_f not spawning loot

    It seems it's also the metal sheds that don't spawn loot .Will this be fixed in Future fixes? Thanks IcyAxe
  6. TailoredAssassin

    Server hanging on startup/

    I have same issue , Still haven't resolved it . Have you found a resolution ? . I have a Malden Map server ands wanted to try Altis so I rewrote the .bat to point into the New Directory and I get that error and I cant load in to it. when I do it shows me face down in the dirt and then kicks me out.