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  1. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    Glad you figured it out, a bit unfortunate that you can't use snow without FPS issues (one of the cooler parts of the script in my opinion). PTWS_StartingWeather acts like PTWS_StartingDate, PTWS will use the array if it doesn't find the array in the database. The weather may not change instantly, some times, depending on the PTWS_weatherChangeMax and PTWS_weatherChangeMin values, it can take more than an hour to change. You can tweak these values to make it less variable. I need to see more than your config if the weather truly isn't changing, I have some debugs set up in the script that tell you what part it's on and what values it grabbed from the database. Post your RPT if you still have this problem when your server has been up for more than the PTWS_weatherChangeMax in minutes.
  2. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    Sorry for the late reply, notification didn't appear for some reason... Anyway, my edit to snow makes it so that it can fall when the climate temperature is 0° C or below and the overcast value needs to be above or equal to 0.60 (fairly cloudy). So depending on what season you're in, it may not be probable for it to snow.
  3. MajorXAcE

    Tanoa And Snow?

    You could make a mission side overwrite to change when snow is enabled, by default it's based on the surface. My PTWS script has a misson overwrite that makes it snow when the climate temperature is <= 0 and the overcast needs to be >= 0.60. Exile Reborn has it based on ASL.
  4. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    So the temperature is too cold for your server? If so you can switch the array for whatever season you're in or add a new map override in ExileClient_object_player_stats_updateTemperature located in the PTWS mission folder. If you want your server to have the same warmer temperature throughout, then you may want to use the map override. I would do something like this (look at the mapoverride part):
  5. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    This may be hard to accomplish with vanilla fog but try this: You may want to go into the editor and use the debug console to experiment with the fog to see if you can come up with something better. Use 5 setfog [fogValue, fogDecay, fogBase]; See here for the parameters.
  6. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    Persistent Weather Update!
  7. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    It was, it just came after startPTWS tried to add a task so it made me think that I should have it wait a bit.
  8. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    @WolfkillArcadia Oops, should I make exile server a required addon then, or would a higher sleep work?
  9. MajorXAcE

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    Thanks, I will try your suggestions and see if they work. Edit: @WolfkillArcadia So everything worked except the thread, it's spitting out the error it gave me when I tried to use it the first time: Any ideas? Here's the full edited code just in case it helps:
  10. PTWS Persistent Time and Weather System PTWS is a script that I made for my Exile server that I host for some friends that allows time and weather to persist through server restarts. It also has seasons defined by months that will change the temperature. Download Source Features: Persistent time (year, month, day, hour, minute) Time accleration Persistent weather NEW Dynamic weather (thanks to code34's Real weather) NEW Seasons that change the temperature NEW Snow based on temperature and current overcast NEW To-do List: Add Persistent weather Configure seasons based on months Make the seasons affect more than the temperature ???? Bugs: A script error occurs after every restart when PTWS is checking for the database entry, not sure why. Future: Afterword: Credits: @second_coming - I used his occupation mod as an example for some of the settings and debug. I also used his config settings for the time acceleration. @WolfkillArcadia - Thanks for the helpful tips, I was able to clean the code a good amount thanks to that. @code34 - The creator of Real Weather, I'm using his script for the dynamic weather.
  11. MajorXAcE

    Enhanced movement help

    I made a post about a TFAR fix over a week ago and Enhanced Movement has the same issue that TFAR does in the current build of Exile. I still have the same thoughts about sharing the fix on forums but I'm still willing to help anyone if they PM me.
  12. MajorXAcE

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    @C][G GhostTown™, @StompiOneつ ◕_◕ ༽つ, and anyone else who wants to use this with ExAd Follow the original instructions for both this and ExAd XM8 Apps, the only place you need to edit is the config.cpp in your mission files. I replaced the original server info app with this but you could make your own app if you want, but this is what I did:
  13. MajorXAcE

    Trying to fix Task Force Radio

    TFAR or any addon that use the onEachFrame command will not work with Exile in it's current state. I am no coder but I'm pretty sure this was done on purpose to prevent some kind of abuse of the command. In light of that, I will not share the fix on the forums but I will tell anyone how to fix it if they're wiling to take the risk. Just PM me.