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  1. BlackheartsGaming

    Vehicle Crash loot.

    You mean something better like this:
  2. BlackheartsGaming

    [SOLVED] A3XAI were broken after 1.86 on linux server

    No issues on my server running 1.86 and now 1.88. I am running a heavily modified version of A3XAI however that I've tweaked over the years. Are you using the modified version by @Zupa?
  3. BlackheartsGaming

    Blackhearts Exile Escape

    Blackhearts Gaming is now hosting an Exile Escape Server. The server is rotating Altis, Tanoa, and Malden maps! Rounds set to 10 mins per round. No mods required (except Exile of course). Advanced Movements are installed but optional. Get to the Choppa!
  4. BlackheartsGaming

    Vehicle amount restriction for player.

    I did not ask for this to be removed.
  5. BlackheartsGaming

    Merge exad vg with new vg?

    So far, It's working perfectly. It turned out to be more mods to more files than I thought, so I am not sure that I want to publicly release it as I don't feel I would have the time to support all the questions that will come with it. I don't know, mabye if I get past what I am working on now I will try to put something together, but it would be offered with little support. The last code I helped someone with got removed for some reason.
  6. BlackheartsGaming

    Merge exad vg with new vg?

    Releasing the code for testing on my server.
  7. BlackheartsGaming

    Global Variables

    I tried searching around for this, but perhaps I am using the wrong terminology. In the Exile Code, is there any reason (performance wise, or security) that certain variables on objects are sometimes set globally and sometimes not? For example, lock state: _object setVariable ["ExileIsLocked",-1]; Taken from the server network_lockToggle script in this case is not set globally. In other parts of the same file (depending on the object type) it is. _object setVariable ["ExileIsLocked",-1,true]; Is this done for a reason and if so what is the reason? Thanks!
  8. BlackheartsGaming

    Merge exad vg with new vg?

    I'm polishing the code and testing it now. Once confirmed working properly I wouldn't mind sharing it. I've removed Ex-AD all together and are in process of migrating all his apps I used to use to comply with the new XM8 changes. It may turn out to be more than 3 files after looking more deeply into it.
  9. BlackheartsGaming

    Merge exad vg with new vg?

    All you have to do is modify 3 files and..... Profit.
  10. BlackheartsGaming

    Vehicle amount restriction for player.

    Nice! Glad it worked. The real thanks are to the Exile Dev team for providing the methods to allow server admins to mod the code however they want.
  11. BlackheartsGaming

    Vehicle amount restriction for player.

    Can you confirm you made the exile.ini changes? Also add a line after this line to see if we are getting a return from the database: _data = format ["getVehicleCount:%1", (getPlayerUID _playerObject)] call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingle; diag_log format["Debug - Vehicle Amount Restriction. %1 Vehicles Owned.",_data]; This will output a debug line to the rpt file to confirm the database call is returning the proper count. And, you can remove this line. It's already declared at the top of the script. _playerObject = _sessionID call ExileServer_system_session_getPlayerObject
  12. BlackheartsGaming

    Vehicle amount restriction for player.

    Is this the mod you are using?
  13. BlackheartsGaming

    Vehicle amount restriction for player.

    Based on the Claim Vehicles mod you are using by Mezo, I think it would be easier to put the check server side, rather than in the client side file, so we don't have to get into creating network messages. It gets pretty complicated and in this case, having the check server side should be secure enough. First we need to create a query in the exile.ini file to query the database and get a count of the vehicles with the players UID. Add these lines to that file. It can be anywhere in the file, preferably at the end. The file is located in @ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2 - server side. [getVehicleCount] SQL1_1 = SELECT COUNT(account_uid) FROM vehicle WHERE account_uid = ? Number Of Inputs = 1 SQL1_INPUTS = 1 OUTPUT = 1 Edit the ExileServer_ClaimVehicles_network_saveVehicleRequest.sqf file in Mezos mod like this. Adds are in bold. Change 5 to whatever number you want, and alter the message as you see fit. I tested that the database calls were working properly but I don't have the mod, nor do I know if you have altered these file so I am making a few assumptions. Give this a go and let me know if it works. Remember to test and re-test before putting it into production.
  14. BlackheartsGaming

    Vehicle amount restriction for player.

    You would need to override the ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf file and put a condition in that does a database check on the vehicles table to get the count of all vehicles owned by the player uid. If that count is less than 5 then allow the purchase. If not, send a toast message back the client stating that the max number of vehicles has been reached.
  15. BlackheartsGaming

    _this variable? In Scripts/Functions: The given arguments that were passed by a call, exec, execVM or spawn. For the arguments in scripts executed by mission-made actions or Event Handlers, check addAction and Event Handlers. In Addons' config files: An array with the current object as its first (and only) element. In Addons' custom UserActions: Unit that is activating the action. In Dialogs: An array with the current control as its first (and only) element (only available during runtime). Rough explanation but, in the the script you posted. _this would refer to the variables or objects passed to the script in an exec call. For example: [_player] ExecVM "/scripts/yourscriptname.sqf"; _sessionId = _this select 0; Would be the first element of the array passed starting with 0.