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  1. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    I made a new version of this last year which has a customizable live background and custom respect loadouts built in ... maybe something i should release so you can have the option. The live background scene is just created locally and deletes when you spawn so no performance/locality issues. I removed the server tips/info line of text but it can be re-enabled if you desire. Maybe if enough people are interested i will upload.
  2. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    keeping the aspect ratio is important... your probably doing it but try keep your images 1024x1024 or 512x512 or 256x256 or 128x128 or 64x64 or 512x256 or 256x128 .... you should see the pattern.
  3. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Did you forget to put the path to the defines in description.ext?
  4. i haven't checked but you can just put the below in a server side config and it will take care of all mission ai from whatever mission system... you will just have to make sure nothing overwrites it after West setFriend [East, 1]; East setFriend [West, 1];
  5. if you dont want the land vehicles all spawning in one spot (north) on malden why dont you tell them where to spawn in the occupation config? here is a example:
  6. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    @Dumba$$ i still dont think you get it... i released xsSpawn not xsSpawn with base spawn page one is my release if you follow all instructions on page 1 it will work 100% some members obviously were using base spawn so they asked if it can be used with base spawn and a member merged it so u can... if you want xsSpawn with base spawn merged (by someone else not me or anything to do with my release as seen on page 1) you goto page 3 and click the link and download that version... now this is for the people who prior to xsSpawn being released were using default exile spawn with the base spawn addon... if you dont have the base spawn addon at the bottom after clicking the link on page 3 it shows the link to the base spawn addon i hope this is very clear now xsSpawn off the bat works 100% and that is my release, a replacement for the default exile spawn selection.... nothing to do with base spawn from the get go also a little tip: in your loadout script why don't you wait until the player is touching the ground before adding the backpack if he chooses halo... example:
  7. i found with roaming land vehicles even with SC_occupyVehiclesLocked = true; that just killing the driver would be enough to unlock the vehicle in most cases in occupationVehicle.sqf on approx line 189 changing _vehicle lock 2; to _vehicle lock 3; will fix this issue i do not use any other roaming vehicles with this addon so have not checked if this is a similar case
  8. xstreme

    [SOLVED] [Question] Can i blacklist a mod

    if people can join your server with mods that you do not have a key in your key folder for make sure in your server config you have verify signatures set to 1 verifySignatures = 1;
  9. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Nah I got you I'm going to make it work with out having to enable handle damage in infi. I have it enabled in infi so I wouldn't of had a problem
  10. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Yeh I got ya I use infistar handledamage so I will disable it and make the script work with it disabled also
  11. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    awesome man i have always used infistar to handle damage since he implemented it so there you go. i will check it out without it enabled and make it compatible either way. like i said page 3... another exile member merged it and released it so if you want it with base spawn download it thru his link... there is a reason its not in my instructions because i don't support easy mode and never released this script with spawn at base hence why spawn at base is not mentioned in the topic title nor in my post on page 1.
  12. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Page 3.... looking thru posts in a topic is usually the key
  13. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    im on 1.93 ill update and try again
  14. xstreme

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    i am able to obfuscate with no errors what version of pboProject are you using?