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  1. Timmay

    Sell Crates at Wastedump [R3F required]

    Thanks for this. Do you think you can add something in that creates a dialog with the Waste Dump Trader? People use safe zones as a means to go through crates before selling the items they don't want so I can see players dropping the crate too close to the trader and bam, it is all gone. A menu addition to the trader that sees you have a crate on the ground would be a welcome addition so players can sell the crate when they are ready. <-- take this as a suggestion, not criticism. Otherwise, thanks for you contribution to the community.
  2. Timmay

    Safes with no code

    Do you have any overrides? Like Zed I don;t have this problem either so something on your end is messed up.
  3. Timmay

    Safes with no code

    When you updated to 1.0.0 did you add in the new exile.ini?
  4. Timmay

    Safes and Storage Crates

    Just compared yours and mine, they are indeed not the same. Here is a brand new one:
  5. Timmay

    Safes and Storage Crates

    When you updated to Exile 1.0.0 did you happen to take your old exile.ini and compare it to the new one provided? It looks like you are running the ini from 0.9.8.
  6. Timmay

    Miniguns broken

    If you can update us when you do that here that would be great, if not thanks for the reply and effort either way.
  7. It does happen sometimes when repacking and packing pbos, I just presented one possibility considering... I and most others don't get those errors. So either these configs were corrupted somehow on download, or the errors were caused by server admins editing them. Also, we only got 1 link for that file so it can only be one of the above two. But the file I got from the download link was without issue and the only thing I edited was the stuff below the loot tables.
  8. Timmay

    [SOLFED] Custom spawn zones in 1.10

    Odd, mine are the same as GolovaRaoul's Snippet of mine: Maybe something above it is breaking it somehow?
  9. Timmay

    'fnc_adminreq' is not allowed to be remotely executed

    For the install of infiSTAR it states int he instructions to remove class CfgRemoteExec from your description.ext completely then add: #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" You don't need it in your description.ext anymore because it is called with #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" < that file should be in the root of your Exile.Altis pbo along with infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp .
  10. Timmay

    Are any 1.62 servers actually up?

    @red_ned Don't know if this will help but when I went to join your server, I noticed a difference between my live/test and yours. When I join servers, I go through the vanilla Arma Launcher. But instead of joining from the first launcher that pops up after opening Arma I click play, which loads Arma then click multiplayer, old habits, whatever. Either way, I get to see on the bottom right the signature check icons (red/green/etc.). On my test and live server the Exile/RHS icons are all green and APEX/Karts/Heli/Marksmen are blacked out (before the update older DLC would always be red but this was OK). This is the case for every server so far I have seen that has updated to the new Apex 1.62, blacked out icons but for some reason your icons show up to me as red. Don't know if that helps you at all. Photos below to let you see what I am talking about: This is mine and many others that I have been able to get into: This is what your server shows me: EDIT: Was still able to join your server with no problems, drove around shot some things, killed myself and respawned a few times with no issues.
  11. Timmay

    Miniguns broken

    Last I checked it wasn't fixed.
  12. This usually happens when you re-pack a pbo and it computer gods take a dump on you. Compare you edited pbo with a vanilla one and you will see what I mean, errors in places you did not edit. @Mr Health And Safety Except that first error has nothing to do with the commented block, it is in reference to this part: class CivillianLowerClass { count = 161; < Missing that ; I think this is caused by unpacking and repacking PBOs. My Pbo manager does this sometimes and it seems to only happen with exile_server_config for some reason. I can pack and repack other pbos millions of times over but for some reason every once in a while after repacking exile_server_config I get weird omissions in areas I didn't touch. Usually at the end of lines where a single letter is missing or a ;. No idea what causes it.
  13. Timmay

    Miniguns broken

    What is in this pbo? What did you do to fix it?
  14. Timmay

    Exile 0.9.8 New SQL Problem

    It's asking you if it exists, does it?
  15. Timmay

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I have mine set not to destroy in the DMS config, and in a3_DMS\scripts\fn_SpawnAIVehicle.sqf on line 56 _veh lock 1; The Armed Offroader won't blow up nor do they lock, but they are not "claimable" but rather you can sell them at the trader. As for the poptabs being the same as the pin of the vehicles you earn by completing dynamic missions.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ mine don't have tabs in them upon completion of the missions.