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  1. Here goes. I've been attempting to join the Xstreme Exile Esseker server, and have encountered a number of issues, some of which I've attempted to fix to no avail. My first issue is that I've downloaded and installed all of the mods required to access the server, but for some reason it still thinks I don't have some of them. The mods it doesn't think I have are Esseker, CUP Terrain Core, CUP Units and CUP Vehicles. I've gone directly to the CUP website and confirmed that all of the mods I have installed are current and correct. I also have Esseker installed correctly. All of these mods are installed via the steam workshop for Arma 3. 15gig later, the server still thinks I'm missing things. Before I had all the mods installed, I could not even get to the lobby of the game. Now I can get into the lobby, but as soon as I click OK to start playing, I get "You have been kicked from the game". Has anyone experienced/solved this issue before? I can't think of anything else that I'm doing wrong. On a side note, I've tried using the A3Launcher, but for some reason it refuses to show me any servers in the server list.