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  1. Delish

    Looking for Arma 3 Server developer

    pm me if your still looking
  2. @Mezo ha i was just in the middle of pointing that out when you replied
  3. well i cant say as to why it was moved but from just looking at the categories i would have put it in problems and bugs> third party mods if you were a server owner and the snap option wasnt coming up in your server or if your a player well then i think the section i personally would have put it in gameplay>constructions and territory section.. and that is just my opinion no idea if it is correct.. the other thing i think might be a bit misleading is in my eyes this forum is for people interested in development of the game and creating/altering/fixing mods and scripts for exile. which usually comes with a bit of coding knowledge or at least some research or a youtube video on the basics. also im sorry your experience was so bad here... hope it improves
  4. Me too, ive been here a while and posted a bit aswell including some very stupid questions and ive never had any major problems.. I would have said that this forum was very good and a great help aswell as the community having some fun and cracking a few jokes along the way.
  5. Delish

    Infistar not loading server

    @Frenkert i already have as shown in the screenshots i provided still no joy
  6. @infiSTAR any ideas ? i tried loading the new update and since updateing i cant get into the server.. i followed all the steps perfectly, or so i thought ha server gets stuck on loadscreen then with no other logs
  7. Delish

    Arma Server Manager

    @Shix Great tool awesome layout too.. nice work only thing that i dont like is no auto scroll on chat oh and no timestamps
  8. Delish

    Gate remote Control

    @ynpMOOSE wat my plan was is to use that script to set you as owner and unlock And open at once and then when u leave the vicinity it closes and locks.. adn then any1 who has right to ur flag has the same got it working but not very well tbh
  9. Delish

    Gate remote Control

  10. Hello all, Im looking for a script thats going to let me unlock and open gates from inside a vehicle.. was thinking something like this might work But i think ive started down the wrong route.. Any ideas ?
  11. Delish

    Spawn at trader option

    this one @Andr3w ?
  12. Delish

    [XM8 APP] Vehicle Tracking

    did it work ? @Tobias Solem
  13. Hi id like to give all my players to spawn or tp to nearest trader city.. i can get the integration working fine but a bit iffy on the actual command to say setPlayer _pos Trader or something along those lines.. im then going to let it be an option for say 5 mins after the spawn so they can loot up a lil and then tp to trader.. Ive tried searching for the command and found quite a few different ones can any1 help me with the best command or method of doing this.. woulsd something like this work ? if (isPlayer _x ) then { vehicle player setPos (position _x); } Thanks in advance
  14. Delish

    View distance Script help

    have it working now in xm8 apps too if any1 wants it just ask
  15. Delish

    View distance Script help

    ok i got it working now any ideas how id add it to the xm8 only instead ?