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  1. vapology

    [SOLVED] infiSTAR Website Trouble

    @infiSTAR Much love. It was my norton security blocking the page from continuing on. Got the newest version downloaded and I'm ready to get to working. Thanks again brother.
  2. vapology

    [SOLVED] infiSTAR Website Trouble

    I put in the email that I used to buy infiSTAR, and the username I put was the name of the header of the email sent to me that had the secret key. And I don't have any adblock that I am aware of. Any ideas? Thanks for the quick reply
  3. vapology

    [SOLVED] infiSTAR Website Trouble

    Hello there. I have been away from my station for some time now and am now coming back into the Exile scene with great pleasure with what has been created by all these great minds. Anyhow I have freshly installed version 1.0.3 of Exile onto my server, and now have gone to infiSTAR's website to go see if there is an update to the anti-hack/admin tools script that we all know and love. I just have one issue though. I go to it and I realize that it is a new website, and I look around, I found the post about the new website (linked here) and followed said instructions. However when I go to create an account with the same email that I had used to buy infiSTAR originally, nothing happens when I click "Create Account", I try to click it again and it tells me I have been flagged for spam. I have tried using different email addresses and passwords but nothing seems to work. Every time it's the same thing. I have been going at it for about all day now and almost wanna buy it again but I don't even know if that would work either. I have been on the infiSTAR discord and talked to another guy who was in there about it but there wasn't much he could do. Anyways just message me for more information or post here. Thanks lads have a great game sesh. **EDIT** It would probably be smart to tag you @infiSTAR lol
  4. vapology

    Battleye Restrictions RHS:USAF

    So here I find myself creating another Exile server, however this time around things are a bit more tricky. I am creating a replica server to the one that I am currently running, and I have added infiSTAR as well as AEM. Now as I added RHS:USAF, which is a mod that is currently running on my live server,using any weapon on any vehicle, land or air, kicks me for various restrictions. Same thing occurs with player primary weapons as well as rocket launchers. I even had to create multiple restrictions not only for the weapons for the F-22 plane, but some for the ejection seat as well. The weird part is that I never had to do this for RHS:USAF when adding it to my live server. I had to add restrictions for various scripts I implemented, but not for RHS. Now I know how to create Battleye Restrictions, as I am continuing to do so for all of these various items, but man as you all know this stuff is a pain. However my questions for you are as follows: 1. Is there a simple setting somewhere in the infiSTAR config that I missed that can resolve me not having to create all of these restrictions? 2. If not, is there a setting elsewhere I may have missed? 3. If not 1 or 2, any ideas why this might be occurring? Thank you for your time.
  5. vapology


    Where Dreams Become Reality This community is an Arma III base group, with a primary focus on Exile game play. Founded by Ethos and Vapology.
  6. vapology

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)
  7. Once again @kuplion great work man. I always have players asking my admins/me why there is only a few attachments that work for each gun when there are tons of attachments to choose from. It's such a hassle explaining to them the whole ordeal. This is a very helpful/needed script that works flawlessly with all the mods that I have running. Mods with attachments/weapons I run are as follows: -FHQ Accessories -RHS: AFRF -RHS: USAF of course the Exile and Arma attachments/weapons work as well 10/10
  8. vapology

    Enhanced movement help
  9. vapology

    Enhanced movement help

    Here is what you all wanted :P
  10. vapology

    AH-9 Pawnee and M134 Miniguns

    It was apparently fixed in 1.0.0 , however I can attest that it is actually not working. The armored suv spawns in with ammo for the minigun and can shoot, the armed Orca has ammo for the minigun and can shoot, as well as any of the RHS helicopters miniguns. Only one that seems to not work is the Pawnee
  11. vapology

    [GUIDE]Welcome Intro with Music

    1 up on this, the music is very smoothing and calm , I like it however I would like it to be disabled Not sure if it's Exile or Arma music though. Any ideas? **EDIT** Just turn music level in sounds all the way down. Not the best solution but it works
  12. vapology

    XM8 Server Rules

    @KillingRe I sadly couldn't find a copy of his script He did a very good job of removing it from everywhere. I really don't want to go and pay him for it as I think that is absurd after what he has done. Do you by chance have this script on hand? And would you mind posting/messaging me said script if so
  13. vapology

    Infistar Item Spawning

    Admins will be admins lol , choose them wisely
  14. vapology

    what is this on about?

    @hogansheroes May I suggest continuing to help via the forum so anyone in the future that has this issue may come here and find a solution.
  15. Interesting, well I know for a fact that this script works. I had the same issue as you and I did as I stated and all was well. I am very limited at what I can do atm as I am overseas and don't have access to all my files as I am on my macbook . Anyhow, either keep messing around with it or just restart the installation of ExAd. If you get it to work, think about if you had missed a step and then post your solution to further help other players/devs.] Sorry I can not be of any more help.