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  1. Kaboose

    Looking for a Scripter/Admin Dev!!!

    We are still looking for a full time scripter for our server!
  2. Hi, My name is Kaboose, Me and a friend rented a Arma 3 Exile Server from Gaming Deluxe. Now we have experince in running game servers. But we never had an Arma server before and once we started dicking around with the server trying to set things up we quickly realized we have no idea what we are doing on the server. We tried looking through fourms and finding tutorials but... we kind of ran into a stone wall we figured out a lot of stuff so far but we do need additional help. Even if some one is experienced in running an Arma server and is already an admin of a server we could use your help in setting up stuff. We need to figure out how to set up admin commands, install certain mods and managing a few things. We are mainly looking for an admin whom would be on the server regularly. If you are interested let me know.