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  1. @kuplionI appreciate the response. After playing with removing mods and what not, I finally figured whats going on. Ill test it further tomorrow to see if I can figure out exactly how to replicate it, but for now... What happens is, on my dev server, I load in as an admin via infistar. I do not have god mode on, nor am I stealthed / invisible. When I load in from a restart, I can TP to any trigger and itll cause the zombies to spawn but not attack. After I commit suicide and spawn back in, and I TP to any trigger, they spawn as usual and start attacking as they should. I want to test this out without infistar enabled, but, Ill try that tomorrow. To me, its not a big deal if it is infistar and perhaps I would have to commit suicide on a live server to get the zombies to attack me, but on the other hand, if I was on as admin and they were attacking me, id probably have god mode on anyways. PS- I only underlined / bolded the one part in case anyone else just happens to have the same issue, hopefully itll stand out that much more.
  2. Just curious if anyone has seen the issue with the triggers working, zombies spawning, but the zombies just stand there, make noises, but dont attack players. Im working on a dev server trying to get this version working. I was using a previous version but the zombies were running around and ghost zombies were hitting me while the visible ai portion was running around. I got the same issue, with standing, non-attacking, zombies, with this other version when I turned on CBA support. When I turned CBA support back off the seemed to function.. for the most part. But with this version, I cant seem to get it to work. I do have several other mods already running, which I would imagine its one of them causing it. Was just hoping someone has had this issue while running other mods, and if so, what were they. In the mean time I will be taking 1 mod out at a time to see where the issue lies.
  3. covox

    ExileZ 2

    I have a script that creates 1 contaminated zone on the map that changes place every restart. Ive been trying to figure out how I can have it place a trigger so the only place that would have zombies is that contaminated zone. I've been using just the non-mod version with no luck, so I was going to see if using the actual zombie mod would make it a bit easier. any help would be great, just pointing me in a direction would be just fine too, THANKS!
  4. covox

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    is it possible to have it functional properly with extDB2? the only issue ive see happen is that on restarts vehicles lose their ammo, and I see the following error in the rpt logs: 10:57:49 Error in expression <[1,[[any]]]> 10:57:49 Error position: <any]]]> 10:57:49 Error Undefined variable in expression: any 10:57:49 Error in expression <icle setVehicleAmmoDef 0; if (typeName _savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 10:57:49 Error position: <_savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 10:57:49 Error Undefined variable in expression: _savedmagazines 10:57:49 File AVS\code\fn_loadAmmo.sqf [AVS_fnc_loadAmmo], line 37
  5. covox


    Anyone have this working on Altis? I tried adding it myself, then came here to confirm, cant seem to get the altis atms working.
  6. covox

    get player score

    Im looking to do 2 things, which involve base spawning: 1. have a minimum amount of rep to get the option to base spawn. 2. cost an X amount of rep to base spawn.
  7. covox

    get player score

    sooo, I am an extreme novice when it comes to any kind of coding. I've pieced some things together from various scripts, mods, etc. I've figured out how to modify various scripts, mods, etc to my liking. That being said, I know how to get the reputation or score from a player once theyre in game. But what about at the spawn select screen? I can get the uid, which makes sense, but when I try to get the score from the player that's looking at the list of spawn points, it will only return 0. The only thing I can think of is because the player isn't actually loaded yet? ExileClientPlayerScore returns 0. as well as _pscore = (player getVariable ["ExileScore", 0]); I've dug through the client side code and I haven't found anything that would help. I've looked through the server side code and have found: _accountData = format["getAccountStats:%1", _playerUID] call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingle; but from my limited understanding, that wouldnt work from the client side. I also saw that there is ExileClient_System_network_send. but im just unsure if that's something that can be used with the database query? I try to learn this stuff on my own, ive read numerous posts on here, I look at the arma 3 wiki a lot, I pick apart the scripts and mods im currently using, I even have a co-worker that is a programmer helping me out once in a great while when he has time. Ran out of ideas and this where I've ended up. Thanks for any help / direction pointing / etc
  8. covox

    Roaming Trader Script

    I can confirm that it still works fine on my servers. If you made changes to your traders file to have them go to locations you chose, then something must have gotten goofed up.
  9. covox

    infiSTAR badtext kick

    awesome! thank you @infiSTAR!
  10. covox

    infiSTAR badtext kick

    @infiSTAR first off, been using your anti-hack and your XM8 apps, very happy with it and everyone on our servers love all the work you've done. Seems like an issue popped up after v066 at some point. When people just type in a ? mark. usually because someone says something random in side or just can't make out what people are saying via voice or text, then end up responding with a simple '?' 06-12-2016 19:51:27 | user(############### - 10) HLOG_SKICK: user | user(############### | BadText on Chat: ? | 0h 41min 43s I have checked the file EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp and there is just: badkickChat[] = {}; badbanChat[] = {}; I have checked the chatCommands[] as well and nothing there referencing a '?' I checked EXILE_AH.sqf and all I have there is: _badkickChatTMP = _badkickChat;_badkickChat = [];{_badkickChat pushBackUnique (toLower _x);}forEach _badkickChatTMP; I modified this line and just took out the predefined badkickchat text that was in there to see if that was the cause which wasn't the case. I checked every other file in case there was something but nothing that I can find that references badkickchat. On a side note with another issue NOT related to this one but perhaps someone could help. I modified the spawn script to show flags that you have build rights on so as long as YOU have build rights on a territory, you can spawn on it. This works great but now there are constant surveillance messages referring to id 999999: 06-12-2016 08:30:23 | user(##############) | Not Allowed Display with idd: 999999, parent idd: -1, controls: When I add 999999 to the allowed id's list, every flag on the map shows up, or at least it tries to show as many as it can. If that's just something I have to deal with then it's no biggy. Thanks for any help!
  11. covox

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Anyone else having an issue with vehicles not having ammo in it after a restart? Since ArmA update 1.66, I've been getting the error in the rpt: 9:05:14 Error in expression <[1,[[any]]]> 9:05:14 Error position: <any]]]> 9:05:14 Error Undefined variable in expression: any 9:05:14 Error in expression <icle setVehicleAmmoDef 0; if (typeName _savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 9:05:14 Error position: <_savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 9:05:14 Error Undefined variable in expression: _savedmagazines 9:05:14 File AVS\code\fn_loadAmmo.sqf, line 37 Any ideas from anyone?
  12. Vehicles with guns have 0 ammo on restart.
  13. the client files are in the @exile folder. the exact same folder that CLIENTS need to connect to the servers. Your server also has it as well. Instead of looking in the @ExileServer folder, check for the @Exile folder. hope this helps!
  14. covox

    Extended Base Mod

    Yeah i finally found it on the dome and im sure I'll find it on the hangar too, the solar tower I got to work but I had to go up the ladder to get to it lol i guess people will have have to make a ladder to get their box cause it just floats in the air lol I'll let the people on the server know what I found, thanks for the help
  15. covox

    Extended Base Mod

    Yeah I found out on the camo nets and what not, so I actually removed from the craftable list and the trader so no one could make them. I'm having the issue on other buildings, like the solar tower, big dome, hangar. Ive been messing with the buildings on my dev server to check everything out but there isnt much I can change on the client side