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  1. Zombie Pacifier

    Vehicle textures

    This is from the HVP pack that I did, but it's the same idea. You would have to depbo the HAP pbo and get all the .paa classnames
  2. Zombie Pacifier

    Car wheel salvage

    new toast and all
  3. Zombie Pacifier

    MySQL Error: Failed to initialize database protocol

    you only need to do that with infistar if you plan on using the whitelisting feature for it. the only other thing i can think of is when you rented the server and installed the addons from the mod manager that you wanted including exile, you should have gotten a new feature on the control panel page that says something along the lines of "format database for exile usage" did you guys do that?
  4. Zombie Pacifier

    [Release] Custom Tanoa TradeZones 1

    surprised no one has pointed this out yet, but the initlocal links to the misson.sqm
  5. Zombie Pacifier

    0.9.8 Memory Bug

    I was only having this issue when i put in skiplobby = 1 in the description.ext This was using 0.9.6 and apex preview build for my tanoa server. When i took skiplobby back out it worked fine. Haven't tried running 0.9.8 yet, only reason i mentioned this is because the pictures you posted are the shiny new load images with skiplobby turned on
  6. Zombie Pacifier

    [Release] [scarCODE] automated restart warnings

    you set it to whatever you want within the config.cpp, the status bar script has a similar setting within its files so I'm assuming you just got lucky and have your restarts set to the default time put in the statusbar script. so for the settings below in the config.cpp you would set which mode you want, dynamic or schedule. dynamic interval would equal the amount of hours the server would be up before it restarts. ( if you restart every 3 hours, interval would be 3) if you use the scheduled restarts that would restart the server at those specific hours (in the example he has it restarting every hour, obviously you would want to delete the hours you didn't want it to restart)
  7. Zombie Pacifier

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    Having the same issue running the latest test build of dms and the latest dev build of occupation. This is a fresh test server, no player buildings ect ect.
  8. Zombie Pacifier

    ExileZ 2

    Ah well sorry for that then lol. I'm pretty sure I've seen in my rpt log that when I log off the zombies that were spawned on me despawn almost instantly, thats what confused me
  9. Zombie Pacifier

    ExileZ 2

    he's removed tornz/tornzexile and the support for it and made tornz2 a private mod ps. glad you guys figured it out about the ai bug in the vehicle, i was still bashing my head against the keyboard trying to figure out what was doing it! oh and i'm malbogia too btw, can't log into my steam account for posting from work lol so i made an alter ego so i could post stuff
  10. Zombie Pacifier

    [SOLVED] Infistar doesent like towing?

    Ok now that I'm home and can get that info for you (malbogia is me, just can't log into my steam account at work) you want to make the commandmenu section look like this for the advanced sling loading to work without kicking people KCM = false; /* Just close ALL CommandingMenus */ CMC = true; /* Check for CommandingMenus that are not in the allowedCommandingMenus array */ allowedCommandingMenus[] = {"#user:asl_deploy_ropes_count_menu","#user:asl_show_select_ropes_menu_array"};
  11. Zombie Pacifier

    TornZ [Help]

    he's removed the original mods and support for them and has made tornz2 a private mod
  12. Zombie Pacifier

    Invisible AI spawning in Vehicles

    ExileZ 2.0
  13. Zombie Pacifier

    Invisible AI spawning in Vehicles

    after re-reading your initial post the only mods we are running exactly the same are exile, cba, HVP, ryan zombies, and inifstar, so I would guess your assumption on the zombies mod doing it could be correct
  14. Zombie Pacifier

    Invisible AI spawning in Vehicles

    yea i've been having the issue since the 1.60 arma patch, but since all the mods updated at the same time before i got the server up and running again it's hard to nail down exactly whats doing it. I've done everything from remove additions i made after the patch, to remove things I thought was doing, to changing settings in infistar cause i thought the anti-wall glitch ect might have something to do with it. Nothing works lol.
  15. Zombie Pacifier

    Invisible AI spawning in Vehicles

    I'm having this exact same problem on my server since the update, granted all mods got updated at roughly the same time. Everything you explained is happening exactly the same, only thing I haven't checked was to see if there was an invisible AI in the driver seat. Next time it happens I will check and get back to this thread. Edit: Can't say for sure it was because of a zombie hitting the vehicle though. I've had people say it's happened to just out of the blue. IE. they would get out go loot something, come back and couldn't get into the driver side again, and sometimes they can't do anything to the vehicle as get into it from anywhere or do a default scroll wheel filp (which normally fixes the issue thus far) when that happens i would just admin flip the vehicle and it fixes it. If those all fail, logging to lobby and back again fixed it.