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  1. Blessed Dark Angel

    Extended Base Mod

    No problem man.. take your time.. =D
  2. Blessed Dark Angel

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts

    I can attest to this mans work. He helps people with rando shit all the time.. And his script work is top notch.. If anything of his gets broken by an update he is really quick about getting a fix in pronto. Top notch work and he's a pretty cool guy to deal with.
  3. Blessed Dark Angel

    Day Z Reborn

    Brand New server! Still developing! Come join the community and help us shape the server! Were trying to bring a old school Day Z feel to the new features and such with this server. Features include -Vector building - Custom Crafting with tons of buildable items.- Scavenging. Expanding this as we go. - Base Building - A2 Animations (optional) - A2 Zombies And much more.
  4. Blessed Dark Angel

    [Release] Admin Tool: Zombie Shield (RyanZombies/ExileZ)

    Could you attach this to an item? So a player can build a certain item and have a zombie shield around thier base? Something that you can turn on and off.
  5. Blessed Dark Angel

    IMS - Development Paused

    Could someone modify this and make it work with zombies?
  6. Blessed Dark Angel

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    I got the script to work great.. But now the heli crates and the support box spawn in the ground.. and dont stay for longer then 5 min.. Can you help?
  7. Blessed Dark Angel

    Extended Base Mod

    The ability to add code locks to some of the houses would be cool
  8. Blessed Dark Angel

    Extended Base Mod

    >.> Still waiting on castle walls.. get in line buddy!! lol
  9. Blessed Dark Angel

    ETG Helicrash and Drop Script

    I got your script to work flawlessly.. I can edit the heli crash loot directly.. But if you could help me out.. i cant find where I can edit the cargo container drop .. Could you point me in the right direction? Edit.. I found it lol
  10. Blessed Dark Angel

    Extended Base Mod

    For sure.. Im looking forward to making gigantic walls.. Part of the reason I would like them is it keeps the item count down on servers. Not to mention that it looks bad ass.. Another sugjestion I had was roofs that can open? Or disapear?
  11. Blessed Dark Angel

    Extended Base Mod

    Hey freak.. I know your busy redoing your old stuff. But have you thought about the castle walls from arma 2? I remember asking you a while back .. was just curious.
  12. Blessed Dark Angel

    Help with creating Zed mission

    Oh will do .. thank you kindly.. Im gonna try this out and get back to you
  13. Blessed Dark Angel

    DMS Mission addon Contents page

    Is there any way you can add zed spawning support with Ryanzombies? Im trying to get a zed mission going with a loot crate at the end.. where the zeds spawn 20 - 40 -80 at a time.. and when the last zed dies the crate spawns or drops or becomes active.
  14. Blessed Dark Angel

    Help with creating Zed mission

    I couldnt get the ryanzombies to spawn like Tinboye recomended.. Was a good shot though.. I personally am useing ryanzombies and Exilez2 .. Just one mission I am trying to create. A mission where they spawn in waves 20/40/80 zeds and a loot crate at the end. 120 is too much Cause.. zombie missions need to be created.. Cause.. reasons.
  15. Blessed Dark Angel

    Help with creating Zed mission

    That is intresting.. Im gonna fiddle with this and see if I can't get some zeds to spawn into the missions insted of AI.. thanks for pointing that out.. i apreciate it.