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  1. Komi54


    Just a small set back we will be back. SOON! BETTER THAN EVER!!!
  2. Komi54

    CK Gaming

    If there is money to be made you will be a part of it if you bring something of value to the table. (Ideas, Code, Graphics)
  3. Komi54

    [TEX]CK gaming

    We currently have the following mods Extended Base Mod Mas Vehicles Mas Weapons Tryk's Cup HAP HVP Jonzie's CPC Tryk's CBA Active mods and owners AIR STRIKE AND ARTILLERY General Rules and Marking Players that request an Airstrike or Artillery will pay the admin responsible for said Airstrike or Artillery, Then mark the area on the map with a 'dot' and labled with the players 'ingame name'. If these steps are not followed the Airstrike or Artillery will not be carryed out. Airstrikes or Artillery have a 30 minute cooldown before they may be requested again. Players should ask if these are passed the cooldown time before giving payment. Otherwise you will not be refunded. Artillery Rules AI missions may be targeted. Payment MUST be given before a fire mission is carried out. Artillery shells will not be fired upon or within 300M of a player built base. Smoke Shells MAY be fired upon a player built base. Designated target zones WILL be verified before fire mission is carried out.(May take a few minutes) If players are caught in Artillery strike zones, its tough luck! These will be marked on the map for ALL to see. Don't forget these rounds, depending on how close or far you mark for a strike, may take up to 3 mins for the shells to land. Artillery Prices (poptabs) 15000 1 Shell 155mm 20000 2 Shells 155mm 25000 3 shells 155mm 30000 4 Shells 155mm 20000 1 Cluster Shell 30000 2 Cluster Shells 15000 1 Laser Guided Shell color 2000 1 Smoke Shell 2500 3 Smoke Shells 3000 5 Smoke Shells 75000 1 'APERS' Cluster color DEPENDING ON RANGE TO TARGET SHELLS MAY NOT LAND EXACTLY WHERE THE PLAYER HAS MARKED Laser Guided Shell may miss player/s laser designator 'APERS' Anti Personnel Mines are deployed upon landing. Airstrikes Rules AI Missions may be targeted. Payment MUST be given before an Airstrike is carried out. Airstrikes may not be used on player built bases. Must be 300m from a player built base. Admins will verify and do a visual fly by with their chosen Aircraft before they carry out the Airstrike. If players are caught in the Airstrike area, its tough luck! These areas will be marked on the map for ALL to see. Admins doing Airstrikes may take out targets within 1000m of the designated area. (Besides player built bases.) Players that requests an Airstrike may also ask for the Aircraft to be armed with 'GBU12' (Laser tracking freefall bombs.) color'#ff311a''Provided the player on the ground has a Laser Designator, IR grenades or UAV with laser designating.' color'#ff311a''Laser Tracking weapons may take several attempts to acquire target lock with 'GBU12'. If 'Slums' or 'Mercenary' base is desiganted for an Airstrike, admins may take as many passes as needed to flush out AI. Warning these Missions may get AI backup after or while Airstrike is being performed. Admin Aircraft may be shot down by player held missile launchers or weaponry. Airstrike Prices (poptabs) 10000 1 Airstrike Pass 20000 2 Airstrike Passes 30000 3 Airstrike Passes 40000 4 Airstrike Passes 50000 5 Airstrike Passes These rules may be subject to change. If player requests for an Artillery or Airstrike and is discovered it upon a player built base, no refunds. Good Luck, have fun! Check your map often for updates on Airstrike and Artillery zones. Daily Events Clan perks
  4. Komi54

    CK Gaming

    Ck gaming is looking for anyone who would like to help our community grow. TS 3 required and some for of experience in ARMA 3 administration. Have something to offer and you will be rewarded. This is a growing community that is going to the top. We will mold and stay ahead of the game to make sure we are on the bleeding edge. We are not currently offering paid positions however stock and profit share is on the table. Please EMAIL ME!!! at Ckgaminginc89@gmail.com or join us on TS3 ts3london.gtxgaming.co.uk:10017
  5. CK GAMING IS RECRUITING ALL!!!! We have a few servers and will be starting more. We have lots of room to grow and would love for you to come join us. We have active admin's and ownership. We are responsive and will listen to the feedback from our community. Come help us grown into the BEST! Having teamspeak is a general requirement however this isn't a hard rule as exceptions can always be made. Please come join us on TS3 or our servers. www.ckgaming.net COME SEE US!!! ts3london.gtxgaming.co.uk:10017