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  1. IN005

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    Update Version 0.9.2 - Added: 5 new weapons (1 Sniper Rifle, 1 SMG, 2 Shotguns and 1 Pistol.) - Added: New Structures to the Editor. - Added: Classnames List - Changed: Engine Sounds for the Plymouth Rock - Fixed/Reworked: Folder Structure I also changed the License for the mod. ( )
  2. IN005

    IN005's Ideas

    Hey guys, basicly I have some Ideas how to improve gameplay / pvp. Door Keys Break the door lock Traps Sleep So this is basicly everything for now. I will update the post with new Ideas, if I get some. Cheers
  3. IN005

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    Yes you are right, the mad max game should have a multiplayer.
  4. IN005

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    Update Version 0.9 - Added 'The Nux Car' - Added the Tin Can Grenade - Added 6 custom reskins of ArmA vanilla bandanas Its been a while now since the last update, like 2-3 months, because I lost the willingness and the pleasure to make this mod. One day I reinstalled my arma 3 tools, so I lost the original bikey. I made a new one instead with the same name, so you only need to replace the old one with it. Update Version 0.9.1 (Fix) - Removed Something wich was not supposed to be released yet...
  5. IN005

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    Hey could someone help me please with this problem:
  6. IN005

    Mad ArmA - Grenades

    Hello guys, this is more a question to developers of Exile and other mods. As I'm creating my Mad ArmA mod, I came along the idea to make custom grenades. I imported my grenade into the normal game without running exile and it worked fine for me. Than I started my mod with exile together and it stoped working. After a while i figured out why. Normally this is your headline for a normal grenade: class CfgPatches { class Weapons_Grenades { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Weapons_F"}; }; }; But within exile, theres a overwrite for that file, wich blocks everything. So I need to use this: class CfgPatches { class Weapons_Grenades { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"exile_client"}; }; }; If I would use this second CfgPatches, it would make my mod only working with exile. But I want to have it as a independent mod, wich not requires exile client to work. I know there are several other mods, like CUP or RHS wich work fine within exile, but my mod seems only to be useable with or without exile. Is theres a solution for this problem? Cheers IN005
  7. IN005

    Mad ArmA - Mad Max inspired mod

    Update Version 0.8.5 - Added the Hockey Mask - Added the Catchers Mask - Added the Dazzle Crow Mask -Fixed varius things Update Version -Fixed missing pbo, wich steam wasn't uploading.
  8. I found out, why it is not working for you, in reborn, every AI wich is over 900-1000 meters away, is not loaded, so it safes some fps. You need to deactivate that.
  9. Sometimes it takes a while or your markers are not updated (infiStars markers are not the fastest ^^) Or you forgot to add the markers for the waypoints...
  10. Read the third spoilers last line, there I added the note.
  11. ok Open up @ExileServer\addons\JohnOs_events\addons\Events\events_config.sqf Search for /** Convoy Settings -- DO NOT USE CONVOY **/ (should be line 99) It should look now like this: Now open the folder: @ExileServer\addons\JohnOs_events\addons\Events\Convoy and open the file inside of it. It should look like this: This is basicly everything, a very basic convoy script with really stupid AI drivers ^^ If you finished one convoy crew, the next convoy will start two seconds later. I'm going to rework it, so it loads the random time between the convoys.
  12. Ok guys, got the convoys to work ^^ Should i do a short tuto how I made them work?
  13. I started to activate the convoy mission for my altis server, got it to work without a server crash, now I'm waiting for a convoy to be started...
  14. IN005

    Possible to add effects?

    Hello guys, how is it possible to add effects like smoke and fire to my map? I want to have the capital survivor town with chimneys and they should have those effect. This is how it looks now on my server: This is how it should look: Could someone help me please with this? Greeting IN005
  15. IN005

    ETG Login Reward Script

    Hey guys, found this script and reworked it a bit for my server: But now is my question, how to make it spawn money into the players inventory?