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  1. Tested this and does pull up scarcode, but you get the following script error as well.
  2. VCOM.hpp is missing from the download.
  3. @Super Jerome Just wanted to let you know that we noticed our lifting has stopped working. Applied your latest update and now all is working great again. Guys really like the hooking animation. Keep up the great work.
  4. Does anyone have this with a timer so that you cannot keep spawning in the same location over and over.
  5. You need to change addaction to 0 to remove the scrholl wheel, and then the user7 is the Custom User action 7. So it is whatever the user has for their custom action 7. To us somnething else you would have to set a different key.
  6. It is already in the serverinfomenu file.. openKey = "User7"; // https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inputAction/actions
  7. Does anyone have this working with the latest infistar?
  8. Anyone have a way to add a spawn cooldown. Like you can only select a spawn every 5 minutes or something like that. So you get killed you cant just keep coming back. Thanks.
  9. Any way to delay the start of the menu when we use openatlogin?
  10. Do you run safe zone anti-theft?
  11. Is there a way so that they can only sell the entire crate? Do not want the traders filling up with empty crates. Or maybe a way to remove the empty crates after so long or at reboot? Thanks.
  12. So long ago honestly don't remember.
  13. I just see 0 downloads and wont let me download it. Maybe the file has been removed from the site.
  14. Yeah this is a plague of so far unless someone can say otherwise every Esseker map that runs Exile. I have seen a lot of other server owners ask about this issue.
  15. Yeah same here...A2OP keeps vehicles from sinking on Esseker. We have been testing for a couple of weeks and about to make the switch....Back to the drawing board...Maybe you can help CUP fix this issue since yours seems to not make them sink....Thanks for all your great and hard work.