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    OCD-Gaming Exile Chernarus

    OCD-Gaming Chernarus At OCD-Gaming server performance is everything and we strive to keep our servers optimized for the best possible game/player experience. If you are looking for good FPS then our High Spec Dedi box, fully custom scripts & apps make our server a great choice. Custom OCD XM8 Live Leader Board Custom OCD Donator Perks - (non player advantage & non game changing) Very Active Admins & Developers (Find us in our TeamSpeak) High FPS Plus Loot Events & Competitions Revive Hacking & Grinding 50K in Locker to Start Air Drops Player Portal - Pay your territory protection fee without connecting to the server Required Mods Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Rappelling CBA CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Exile Mod Open Chernarus Project NATO Rus Weapons NATO Rus Vehicles TRYK's Multi-Play Uniform NIArms - Complete HVP
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    [Release] View Distance App for Improved XM8 Apps

    yep! helped me out millions
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    Errors in RPT

    Hey guys, I am having some issues with errors and after trying to fix them I'm stuck when it comes to this one... a3\structures_f_heli\vr\helpers\sign_sphere25cm_f.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape It just repeats over and over, any idea's? Thanks
  4. xxkrystalxx

    Errors in RPT

    Yeah its 2 large for pastebin so added it to drop box https://www.dropbox.com/s/40zm8n7pwteofkn/UK1ExileDev_2016-06-21_16-42-40.rpt?dl=0
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    Exile-UK | 50K Start| Wages | Ranks | VG | Revive | AirDrops | CustomScripts | Live Leader Board | Self Heal | Suicide Vests | Vector Building | Base Kits | Supply Drops | Active Admins | Cap Points | Towing | Server E vents & Races |High Loot | Website: http://Exile-UK.com Join our forum to keep up to date with news and to see upcoming sever events! Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ex-uk Join us on Teamspeak 3: