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  1. Oph

    Moving containers broken since 1.0.0

    This one. Well it's not really a fix, but players aren't able to move containers anymore and new ones are correctly saved in the database.
  2. Oph

    Moving containers broken since 1.0.0

    Thanks, that did it =)
  3. Oph

    Moving containers broken since 1.0.0

    Yes. Upon 0.9.8 i completely redid the database. And the Exile.ini was updated with 1.0.0 . But just to be sure i'll update it again ^^
  4. Hello fellow exiled, since the most recent Exile Update, whenever a player "moves" a container, like a safe, or tries to build a new one, it doesn't get saved in the database so naturally it despawns on the next server restart. It also can't be locked or opened or anything. The rpt-log shows no errors when moving or placing a container and i happens with exile-containers as well as Extended base Mod containers. Maybe one of you has seen this before or might know why it is happening? thanks in advance :D, Oph
  5. Back in the days, when i was playing arma2, battlEye bans could only be removed by contacting the BattlEye Support. I'm not sure if they've changed that, but if you're using "ilegal" software on a battlEye protected server you got banned, regardless whether you're an admin or just a regular Joe.
  6. Oph


    This might help
  7. Oph

    [SOLVED]DB problem

    I had the same error when installing the update. After i reset the whole Database and added all the sql-files again and also used the lines described in the thread below, everything worked
  8. Oph

    Base doors unlocked after restart?

    Maybe the intruders used ThermalScanners on your doors?
  9. Oph

    [SOLVED] Concrete Mixer Chernarus

    I use M3 without any Str stuff. Works fine.
  10. Oph

    Exile-News Window on LogIn Bug

    Edit: It was Infistar, solved it myself, sorry. I didn't add the new IDD 24033.
  11. Hello fellow exiled, people on my server are complaining about the "Exile-News" Window (which shows the "0.9.8 Kiwi released"-Message). It only shows up for about half a second and if you don't push "OK" you won't be able to connect. I myself don't have this issue but maybe one of you has heard about it, seen it, knows what may be causing it? Thanks in advance Oph
  12. Oph

    Database query issue in 0.9.8

    Already did that, but thanks again. Is the new enemy ^^ but since a lot of server owners are having this issue, i'm hoping for one of the higherups to find a solution.
  13. Oph

    Database query issue in 0.9.8

    I just met you, and this is crazy... But i think I'm in love with you. Tank you! The Server is still not working properly but an error solved is an error less ^^
  14. Oph

    Database query issue in 0.9.8

    Well it helped a little ^^ Now Bambi Creation won't work But thanks for your help sofar!!
  15. Oph

    Chernarus Exile 0.9.8 Fix - Download

    Very nice! It doesn't fix the problem i've been having, but still a very nice gesture of you!