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  1. SnaakZA

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hey! I would like to add a different mod's units into DMS - Not sure where to exactly add the details to incorporate the mod's unit Is this the only place it is needs to be added? requiredAddons[] = {"exile_client","exile_server_config"}; TX!
  2. SnaakZA

    SQL Error

  3. Like the option to hide bodies! Works nice! How about receiving pops on body hidden? also able to hide AI bodies?
  4. SnaakZA

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    @mechreno In your @ExileServer/addons/ClaimVehicles_Server Edit your $Prefix$ file and delete row 2 ( It should only have 1 row ) Well that was my problem
  5. SnaakZA

    Client Error

    Still no connection problems after my change
  6. SnaakZA

    Client Error

    Ok so I have been playing around with my config files - Following changes where made : Removed -enableHT -malloc=system from my parameters Changed my verifySignatures = 0; // Changed from 1 to 0 Those are the only 2 changes I have made and NO connections issues so far! Snaak_ZA
  7. SnaakZA

    Client Error

    Also getting this error - Ive asked them to verify their files?
  8. SnaakZA

    Client Error

    Hi Last few days I been getting this error with people connecting onto my server - Would appreciate some help! Player XXX: Signature check timed out TX Snaak_ZA
  9. SnaakZA

    Loot Spawned Message

    Im trying to put back my message when loot spawns in the area - But im not able to get this working Some assistance will be appreciated TX -Snaak_ZA
  10. SnaakZA


    Hi I have some custom vehicle spawns on my server : -> so my problem is that some people sell the vehicles which I dont have a problem with - but then they suicide and spawn at the same point and takes another vehicle for resell and so the circle continues until all the vehicles are gone I have dropped the resell value of this vehicle - I would like to - respect if a number of suicides happen in a set amount of time. Has anyone come across this problem? I suppose this would be a criticism over server config? Thanks Snaak
  11. SnaakZA


    I was being stupid Please close topic
  12. SnaakZA

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    I have a issue that when a normal player connects the Menu shows briefly and the goes away - But when i log in as an Admin I can view everything I have added the 7770, //StartMenu to the IDDS any ideas?
  13. SnaakZA


    So more more info - Adding markers on side only works on black color
  14. SnaakZA


    Hi Im unable to place markers on the map on Global / Side - 1.0.2 ( Able to place visible in Group ) When i mouse-over i can see that its there but the actual marker is not visible Snapshots attached Thanks in advance! Snaak_ZA
  15. SnaakZA

    Mission SQM

    Thanks! This helped - Please close topic