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  1. .:Lama:.

    Chernarus Redux Mission File w/Loot (Exile 1.0.4)

    Loot mainly spawning in the ground of houses..
  2. .:Lama:.

    ParadoxProject Dayz RP

    PARADOX PROJECT DAYZ RP COMMUNITY: Hi all! I am so excited to announce our very own arma 3 dayz RP server, we at paradoxproject want to bring the best possible "walking dead" vibed gameplay to the arma 3 community and have been in development for a month and abit now.. We are by far not the best server but are slightly different to others.. Take roleplay communities for instance, add that to Dayz.. Then take The walking dead Group and character development, and throw it into a game.. Thats what we aim to do! We currently run multiple mods such as, advanced towing, Extended base mod, CUP (All), TaskForceRadio (FOR RP), TAC Vests, and TRYK! We also have a custom revive script and AI missions for that little bit of KOS PVP. We base our server in the UK and on the map Chernarus Redux, we hope to see you join us soon! PS: We launching tonight 9PM UK Time // 29 March 2018. So come join us! PSS: We are a whitelisted community, so do apply on the website! Website - https://paradoxproject.us Discord - https://discord.gg/7dEeVhz Teamspeak -
  3. .:Lama:.

    Chernarus Redux Mission File w/Loot (Exile 1.0.4)

    Ill donate to super jerome if he gets the spawn loot fixed! Like that's all im asking
  4. .:Lama:.

    Chernarus Redux Mission File w/Loot (Exile 1.0.4)

    Please fix this! Id love to use this on my server!
  5. .:Lama:.

    Chernarus Redux Mission File w/Loot (Exile 1.0.4)

    So when loots fixed for the entire map. Please tell me :)))
  6. .:Lama:.

    This was a MISTAKE

  7. .:Lama:.

    "More" Tab EMPTY | XM8

    Hi, my xm8 when i press 6, opens up normally but when I press on more to switch on my 8g theres nothing there, no settings app NOTHING! Im just confused cause my server was working fine till 1.0.4 happened.. Can somebody help, its also happening to everybody on my server, and the RPT comes up with nothing related..