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  1. Lodgie


    du musst das komplette log posten
  2. Lodgie

    ExileZ 2

    thanks for this detailed answer @Kobayashi i gonna check out this netId !
  3. hey. if i need to set "DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI" and "DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI" to true, due some compatiblity issues, is there ny other way to offload occupation to client to remove rpt spam? 20:37:46 Server: Object 2:2372 not found (message Type_121) 20:37:47 Server: Object 2:2528 not found (message Type_93) 20:37:47 Server: Object 2:2527 not found (message Type_93) 20:37:47 Server: Object 2:2347 not found (message Type_121) 20:37:48 Server: Object 2:1839 not found (message Type_93)
  4. Lodgie

    ExileZ 2

    hey, thanks for your replies! it looks like you have some experience on this topic for you own. yesterday i found out that this command " #exportJIPqueue " might give me more details about the rpt spam. the object not found turned into this: Error: Object(2 : 2727) not found Error: Object(2 : 2728) not found 5:31:27 Client: Local object 2:2727 not found 5:31:27 Client: Local object 2:2728 not found 5:31:27 Server: Object info 2:2727 not found during Changing Owner 5:31:27 Server: Object info 2:2728 not found during Changing Owner and some of this: Road not found Road not found so in other words theres nothing i can do to make it stop logging this? btw.: im on a linux box and use stderr/stdout direct logging...
  5. Lodgie

    ExileZ 2

    looks like i fixed it by setting DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = false; to "true" edit: nope its not fixed...
  6. Lodgie

    ExileZ 2

    i check the the scripts from DMS and i found this: if ((isClass (configFile >> "CfgPatches" >> "Ryanzombies")) && {!DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI}) then { diag_log 'DMS DETECTED RyanZombies. Enabling "DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI"!'; DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI = true; }; but it confuses me. doesn't that mean no matter if i enable or i disable DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI via config , it will be overwritten by this function?! so in other words DMS will not offload ryanzombies ?!
  7. Lodgie

    ExileZ 2

    i checked the logs and the only thing about "detect" i could find is: 7:25:01 "v53 (20-07-2016) [OCCUPATION]:: Detected DMS version July 11, 2016" but youre right. i think i can remember that i allready saw something like this also for RyanZombies, where DMS was detecting it. but its not doing it now (or not anymore) i have alot of: 19:01:19 Server: Object 2:2934 not found (message Type_121) 19:01:19 Server: Object 2:2935 not found (message Type_121) 19:01:20 Server: Object 2:2764 not found (message Type_121) 19:01:21 Server: Object 2:2942 not found (message Type_121) 19:01:21 Server: Object 2:2375 not found (message Type_93) 19:01:21 Server: Object 2:2209 not found (message Type_93) 19:01:22 Server: Object 2:2941 not found (message Type_121) 19:01:22 Server: Object 2:2782 not found (message Type_121) pretty sure being caused from exilez. any idea why dms is not detecing the zombies (anymore)?! everything is working on the server, its just about those logs which make my logfiles 10mb
  8. Lodgie

    ExileZ 2

    will this work with exilez?! DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI = false;
  9. Lodgie

    Help with my RPT

    will this : DMS_ai_offload_Only_DMS_AI = false; work with exilez (ryanzombies) ?! did somebody tested it already?
  10. Lodgie

    Getting kicked from all exile servers

    same here :-/
  11. Lodgie

    Wrong Signature Kick after Apex update

    for me it looks like: "3:59:35 Player XYZ: Signature check timed out"
  12. Lodgie

    Wrong Signature Kick after Apex update

    reads to be fixed soon
  13. Lodgie

    Problem with Trader near Leqa (error 13)

    hmm - i posted a fix to this problem in the OT, but the topic is not available anymore. i dont know why. open ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf in exile_server.pbo and change this line: _position = (getPos _playerObject) findEmptyPosition [10, 175, _vehicleClass]; to read _position = (getPos _playerObject) findEmptyPosition [10, 300, _vehicleClass]; profit!
  14. Lodgie


    wenn du die battleeye filter korrekt hast und keiner mehr gekickt wird, kannst du die configs von dms etc so lassen wie sie sind.
  15. Lodgie


    folgendes hinzufügen: !="e "lastGestFreezeT";\n\nif (_VBtemp + 25 < time) then\n{\n\nif (isPlayer _this) then {} \nelse\n{\nif (random 10 < 6) then\n{\n\n \n\n \n\n\nif" am ende der zeile, die mit "7 isPlayer" beginnt.