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  1. voin312

    Simple Deploy Bike for InfiSTAR's XM8Custom Apps

    Hi friends! How to link these files XM8, without resorting to EXAD and infiSTAR? пример:
  2. voin312

    Enigma Exile Deploybike + Respect Vehicles

    also a problem, nothing happens when you double-click
  3. помогите с проблемой,после последнего обновления мода exile пропал звук мотора у патрулей ботов с машинами от exile,который не однократно обновлял,патрули A3XAI,EXILEocupation,буду очень признателен за помощь.
  4. voin312


    Hello! I also do not have patrols sounds worth A3XAI DMS
  5. voin312

    TaruPod Buy, Repair, Lock, and Flip v2.0 (Updated for 1.62)

    Hi ! I do not have the lock on the menu , and repair of equipment , menu contents,tell me how to remove the problem?
  6. voin312

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi! tell me how to open technique bots ?
  7. voin312

    XM8 Apps Repository

    they are not in the annex
  8. voin312

    XM8 Apps Repository

    Hello ! where to find the images for the buttons ?
  9. voin312

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    please tell me how to remove the car explosion on the DMS mission ?
  10. voin312


    hi! tell me what to do for a trader started selling?
  11. voin312


    26RUS(PVP|PVE|CUP|MAS|Extended_Base_Mod|Exile_mod) 18:00 до 22:00 Москвы