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  1. [SF] Lord1385

    center position X-Cam Taunus

    Hello, does anyone happen to have the center position of the X-Cam Taunus map? I need them for missions. Since I find nowhere, I thought I'll ask here. Kind regards
  2. [SF] Lord1385


    You sure mean Rosche, right? Because that would interest me for exiles too,
  3. [SF] Lord1385

    XM8 is not working

    Hello, have the following problem, and although my XM8 is not working properly. When I create a family I can not invite or add. If I create a party, I can not invite or add either. Also missing the 2 side of the options where I can adjust the color and whether I should be visible or not. Also, I can not mine my flag again or give up my territory. If the problem is known, I would be happy to help you. Thank you very much
  4. [SF] Lord1385

    [WIP] Exile Taunus Project Loot Positions

    Hello community, I have a problem with the Taunus Map and spawn with me no loot. Seats already 2 days off but without success. Maybe you have an idea why it does not work, vehicles spawn and the map runs without problems. The only thing is that no loot spawns. Maybe I can also give his exile_server_config from the Tauus map. Thank you in advance and sorry for the bad English German Hallo Gemeinde, ich habe ein Problem mit der Taunus Map und zwar spawnt bei mir kein Loot. Sitze schon 2 tage dran aber ohne erfolg. Vieleicht habt ihr noch eine Idee warum es nicht Funktioniert, Fahrzeuge Spawnen und die Map läuft auch ohne Probleme. Das einzige ist halt das kein Loot spawnt. Vieleicht kann mir auch einer seine exile_server_config von der Tauus map geben. Vielen dank schonmal und entschuldigung für das schlechte English
  5. [SF] Lord1385

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Now it goes, I think I was then probably a little unconcentrated yesterday. Thanks anyway for the support
  6. [SF] Lord1385

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    On the server I have until now only HVP, CBA and Extend Base that it is no Mod I know, as I said as in the instructions.
  7. [SF] Lord1385

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    The thing is, the server starts without error, but I would like to join the server I will remain in the load screen I will try again tomorrow and post the log in forum. I can not find any mistakes. Property it Installed as in the instructions have changed nothing. Sorry for my bad english coming from Germany
  8. [SF] Lord1385

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Unfortunately, the scipt does not run with me, tried everything but does not get it to run. The curiosity is there is nothing in the log displayed the server starts also only I do not come up it hangs itself in the load screen on. I do not know any more ... Sorry for my bad english
  9. [SF] Lord1385

    Extended Base Mod

    So wie gesagt mal 2 Bilder bin der Meinung das es so richtig ist....
  10. [SF] Lord1385

    Australia Map Developer here

    Thanks i have install the Fix and it Works ...
  11. [SF] Lord1385

    Australia Map Developer here

    I have the newest CUP Core 1.1.0 ( 05.30.2016 ) can also be seen in the log
  12. [SF] Lord1385

    Australia Map Developer here

    Hello, I have the following problem with me the sky and clouds Black is I have since today also Australia on the server everything goes just the clouds do not ... (see photo) and here my log.
  13. [SF] Lord1385

    Frage zur mission.sqm

    Das ist eine tolle aussage... aber hilf mir leider nicht weiter
  14. [SF] Lord1385

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    I have the improved XM8 apps of my server is it working with this?
  15. [SF] Lord1385

    Frage zur mission.sqm

    Hallo Gemeinde, ich habe mal eine Frage zur mission.sqm, und zwar habe ich MAS Vehicle, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Terrains Core, CUP Terrains Maps,CBA_A3, bwA3, Jonzie Mega Mod Pack, Extended Base Mod und Taviana bei mir auf dem Server laufen. Läuft auch soweit ganz gut jetzt nur meine Frage, wann muss ich was und wo und die mission.sqm eintragen? Das habe ich nie verstanden... wäre lieb wenn mir das mal einer erklären könnte habe nämlich das gefühl, das ein Teil der Mods da eingetragen werden muss nur ich weiss nicht was und wo ob bei auto addons oder nur bei addons. Ich hänge mal den oberen Teil der mission.sqm in den Spoiler... Wäre lieb wenn ihr mich nicht dumm sterben lasst Vielen dank schonmal MfG Lord