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  1. Huskie19


    @AmP3d you only need to upload the mods to your servers root directory and then add them to the command line.
  2. Huskie19

    No entry 'bin\config,bin/CfgModels.defualt

    BI changed the inheritances with weapons with 1.62 its just a matter of mods being updated to reflect BI's changes. check that thread out for a little more understanding.
  3. Huskie19

    No entry: bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope

    For those having trouble understanding that this is NOT an exile issue have a read of this thread on the BI forums about this exact issue.
  4. Huskie19

    No entry: bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ItemInfo.scope

    This isnt an issue with exile its just that the arma devs changed the base inheritances in the weapons nothing to do with exile its to do with weapon mods that ive found out will just have to wait til weapon moddrs update their mods.
  5. Huskie19

    Something to spend respect on?

    Respect only purchases, you want that lynx got to pay with some respect.
  6. Huskie19

    Armored SUV

    It has less armor because it has the mini gun on it that's what balances it otherwise it would be OP as fuck.
  7. Huskie19

    Statusbar Script?

    @ArchAngelOfDeath Check the second page of this thread and try out Izzer's instructions that should help you out.
  8. @Mr Health And Safety do you know if anyone has made a guide on how to do this? I've looked every where but can not find anything that is comprehensive enough to go off.
  9. @reddi SC_occupySky = false; // true if you want to have roaming AI helis Set this to true.
  10. Huskie19

    Statusbar Script?

  11. Huskie19

    Statusbar Script?

    No you just need to put the status bar folder into the addons folder in your mission pbo.
  12. Huskie19

    Statusbar Script?

    Add this to the line _wallet = (player getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]);
  13. Huskie19


    DMS is using the new exile type mission markers, that's what you have seen on the server you were on.
  14. Huskie19

    [Release] [scarCODE] automated restart warnings

    Each to there own, the name "toast" is a little weird but yeah servers do need a little bit of separation from each other so they can be kinda one off.
  15. Huskie19

    [Release] [scarCODE] automated restart warnings

    Hey @IT07 do you plan on updating this to use the exile "toast" system or leaving it as is?