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  1. I followed the above guide and everything works except I cannot connect the terminal to any of the UAV/UVGs with means you cannot use them, only able to spawn the in from the trader and nothing else..
  2. Can this topic be closed? What a waste of time!!!
  3. Couldn't all this Infistar stuff have its own topic? I mean I did post this topic to get help when it comes to how many AI addons I could run at the same time. BTW I'm now running DMS (2 random & 1 static main mission), Occupation (Heli crashes & Gear crates plus 2 custom made roadblocks with 10 AI at each), Zupa Capture Points (1 mission), A3XAI (3 Helis, 6 Vehicles & Roaming foot AI in the main towns and cities only), VEMF (1 mission & base attacks) and AI Support Units and so far things look pretty good. Actually once I added VEMF the performance actually seemed to be a little better.
  4. Hi, ATM I currently run 2 Exile servers and I want to run the very best PvE scenario for my players but I was just wondering what addons work or don't work together without pushing server performance too far, a few players have told me that you carn't run anymore than one instance at a time? I'm a complete nood with that technical stuff but I feel like I'm already running more than that whatever it means lol.. On my Malden server atm I'm running. DMS (2 Random & 1 Static at a time) Occupation (5 Heli crashes & 2 Loot crates only, no AI spawning) Zupa Capture Points (only 1 mission at a time) A3XAI (3 Helis & 6 Land vehicles at a time, roaming foot AI turned off ATM) AI Support Units (Air and Artillery support & Supply drop off, no AI reinforcement) Also on my Takistan server I run the Engima Civilians script but with roaming AI on witch causes the roaming AI to shoot the Civilians, alot of players have said they like this as it gives them the feeling that they need to save the civilians and clear the area plus it also gives players a sense of the AIs general direction. Now both servers run great, Malden being my busiest server drops down to about 10 fps server side with 17 players online witch I've read is quite normal? Takistan has always been a favorite and runs amazing, with 10 players on my server drops to about 20-22 fps and well my main question is, could I add VEMF with all this running or is that too much? If anything I would run 1 mission and the base attack feature being a PvE server I want my players to have feeling of getting raided plus gives them a different mission. Any help would be appreciated or atleast tell me I'm being too greedy lol...
  5. Dude I have to say awesome job, I have this running on both my servers and works a treat but only for me cos I'm an Admin, any way of getting a IDD for it for Infistar, because for all the other players on my server the menu only shows up for a second before Infistar cuts it out. Other than that I have a small request, I can remember back in DayZ days there was a script where a player could place down a heli pad at his/her base then land any heli that they owned on it, then once that player had died and re spawned he/she could call for a pickup, the heli would take off (with god mode enabled) and lands within a certain range of player, AI pilot hops out and despawns thus leaving your personal evac heli for you to go where ever you needed to go, or even something similar like assigning just a players heli as a evac/pickup heli without the helipad. Not too sure how it would work with player bases tho, both the helipad and heli would have to be on the ground..
  6. Download broken, can the author plz fix this or else close this topic. Sick of clicking on this and getting disappointed!!!
  7. I don't get any errors it just doesn't show up, I'll send you my rpt when I get a chance.
  8. Ok so I followed the directions and this doesn't work for me, even changed a few things around like the [] execVM "statusIcons\statusIcons.sqf"; in the initPlayerLocal.sqf (never seen a [] execVM line in this file in any script but I have no clue). This seems like a pretty simple script to install so not too sure if this still works with the latests Exile update or what the go is.. Can someone plz let me know if it still works??
  9. Kuplion I'm hoping you could help me? I added this script ages ago and I can remember I could add random clothing and gear. I don't want my players spawning in with the same gear. I have very basic knowledge of coding but I changed _bambiPlayer forceAddUniform to _bambiPlayer forceAddRandomUniform and it won't work, very noob I know but I was hoping it would work but nope. Could you help me out??
  10. Hey guys I've started a Takistan server and have been using the Battleye Filters Tool for a while now but this one has me stuck, it happens when I access the aircraft trader at my airfield so I'm thinking maybe it just hasn't come up before for anyone or it might have something to do with the vehicle spawn as I've had to move the aircraft traders to the airfields on Takistan, I'm not an expert but just a thought.. 0c7bb90e5eea9cda0c0e221e76b3a3a0 - #19 " = objNull; ExileClientModelBoxBackgroundObject = "Exile_Helper_50mBox" createVehicleLocal ExileClientModelBoxPosition; ExileCl" What I get back from the filters tool but I've put it in multiple times and still comes up... !=" = objNull; \nExileClientModelBoxBackgroundObject = "Exile_Helper_50mBox" createVehicleLocal ExileClientModelBoxPosition;\nExileCl" Any help would be amazing...
  11. Can u plz tell me exactly where I do this? Like what file? I carn't seem to find it... I've added CUP_Weapons to my server in the root directory, added the key, changed the trader info in the mission.pbo and added it to my START_SERVER.bat file but all I get is a grey screen before I ever get into the lobby area. I've added CBA and DragonFyre Eden successfully to my server but I know I'm missing something when it comes to the CUP stuff..
  12. Sorry dude I didn't get notified that you had replyed to this 11 hrs ago, was wondering what you was on about lol...
  13. Ingoring all your comments dude since they dont make any sence, I posted my problem and the code on both posts. I read through ALL of the posts and the forums AND tryed everyone's help BUT still no luck!! BUT WAIT... since I actually like helping ppl, this problem has now been solved thanks to BattleEye Filters Tool V2 witch just came out! Here is the CORRECT BattleEye filter !="["\x\cba\addons\events\fnc_addLocalEventHandler.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"CBA","Events","addLocalEventHandler"]"
  14. Are u stalking me dude? Like wtf? Is the same code as above!!!
  15. Its the same error.. #0 "["\x\cba\addons\events\fnc_addLocalEventHandler.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"CBA","Events","addLocalEventHandler"]" I've put this filter in line 2 and it still kicks me for the same error?? !="[\"\x\cba\addons\events\fnc_addLocalEventHandler.sqf\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"CBA\",\"Events\",\"addLocalEventHandler\"]"