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  1. CaptainChaos

    DMS Custom Icons

    Hello, the mission icons are part of the exile mod (i.e. exile_assets\texture\marker\mission_easy_ca.paa). I guess, you can change the icons in the a3_dms\scripts\fn_CreateMarker.sqf file.
  2. CaptainChaos

    Toast Nachrichten länger anzeigen

    versuche es mal mit der ExileClient_gui_toaster_addToast.sqf Änderung in der Zeile: ExileClientToasts pushBack [_toastControl, 0, diag_tickTime + 5]; mach aus der 5 z.B. eine 10
  3. CaptainChaos

    DMS Mission Schrift Farbe ändern

    habe es jetzt nicht getestet, aber versuche mal folgendes: öffne die Datei scripts\fn_CreateMarker.sqf und füge nach der Zeile _dot setMarkerText _text; die Zeile _dot setMarkerColor "deine Farbe"; hinzu. Die Farben findest du hier:
  4. CaptainChaos

    XM8 (ExAd) Bug

    maybe you use an old version of the ExAdClient\XM8\CustomCode\ExileClient_gui_xm8_show.sqf file. Try this version: And I think there is no need to use the ExAdClient\XM8\CustomCode\ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide.sqf file any longer.
  5. CaptainChaos

    DMS Missions Loot genauer definieren

    Helfe gern, wenn ich kann.
  6. CaptainChaos

    DMS Missions Loot genauer definieren

    teste mal folgende Zeile _crate addItemCargoGlobal ["Helm",1]; vor _missionObjs = [ _staticGuns+[_veh], // armed AI vehicle and static gun(s). Note, we don't add the base itself because we don't want to delete it and respawn it if the mission respawns. [], [[_crate,[75,250,25,]]] ];
  7. CaptainChaos

    DMS Missions Loot genauer definieren

    Hallo, ich würde eine 2. Kiste spawnen, in der ist nur der Helm. z.B. _crate2 = ["Box_East_AmmoOrd_F",[00000,00000,0]] call DMS_fnc_SpawnCrate; _crateHelm = [ 0, [1,"Helm"], 0 ]; _missionObjs = [ [], //_staticGuns, [], [[_crate1,_crateIrgendeinLoot],[_crate2,_crateHelm]] ];
  8. CaptainChaos

    New XM8 App coding?

    Comment out or delete the line ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide = "ExAdClient\XM8\CustomCode\ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide.sqf"; in the config.cpp file of your mission .pbo
  9. two or more vehicles in the vg with the same nickname. You have to change the nickname(s) in the database.
  10. CaptainChaos

    question about DMS

    I guess, you did something different wrong. Did you add the a3_dms.pbo to @ExileServer/addons?
  11. CaptainChaos

    question about DMS

    open file scripts\fn_ImportFromM3E_Static.sqf change _obj enableSimulationGlobal false; to _obj enableSimulationGlobal true;
  12. CaptainChaos

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    for me, the HackFlag scripts work fine. Thx to @Cloud22 I copied the server files in the exile_server.pbo and changed the fn_preInit.sqf. I copied the client files in the mission file and added this (below) to init.sqf - thx @kuplion Changed the ExileClient_action_execute.sqf and added it to the CustomCode section in the config.cpp (mission file). Added this also to the config.cpp Added this to the description.ext: I think I have found a small issue. If I hack the flag and get the last vehicle and the virtual garage is empty I can start the next hack without any notification. After server restart I get the the correct notification the virtual garage is empty. I will test it a second time, maybe I made a mistake.
  13. CaptainChaos

    Custom key mit InstaDoc?

    Ich benutze die Taste 7 Habe als Bedingung noch ein Schsden von > 50% eingefügt. ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyDown.sqf: case 0x08: { if ((damage player) > 0.5) then { call DeinSkript; }; _stopPropagation = true; };
  14. CaptainChaos

    Disable Flag Purchase at Office Trader

    1. make a .sqf file (i.e. yourFile.sqf) that contains if (true) exitWith { ["ErrorTitleAndText", ["Attention!", "You don't have the permission to buy a Flag. Please contact an Admin."]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; }; 2. put that file in your mission .pbo 3. in your mission config.cpp insert in class CfgExileCustomCode ExileClient_gui_purchaseTerritoryDialog_show = "yourFile.sqf";
  15. CaptainChaos

    Disable Flag Purchase at Office Trader

    I have not tested it but I guess you have to change the file ExileClient_gui_purchaseTerritoryDialog_show.sqf. Because I found this in the exile_client config.bin: class territory { displayName = "Purchase Territory"; position = "ohniste"; radius = 3; priority = 6; onlyForPlayer = 1; condition = "true"; statement = "this call ExileClient_gui_purchaseTerritoryDialog_show"; };