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  1. Ah okay, so should I try an earlier version?
  2. I am aware that this would be better placed in the 'Ask a Developer' section, but for whatever reason I can't post in there. If any Forum Moderators would kindly move my thread, that would be grand. I am attempting to access a server which uses Exile Mod as the Mission. I have all of the required Mods enabled (including Exile Mod) and nothing more. All of the other mods are green-lit in the 'Expansions' section of the Server Info.. Except Exile Mod. I am 100% sure that I have Exile Mod installed & enabled and it is the latest version downloaded from the official source on this website. This is recurring throughout all servers that are using Exile Mod. I am using the default Arma 3 Loader, which says that the Exile Mod Signature is valid. Any help with solving this issue would be appreciated.