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  1. UBEChief

    Exile continues!

    Where? Closest thing I have is setting the position of the FPS counter.
  2. UBEChief

    FIGHT !!!

    If melee items (Axe, Shovel, Sledgehammer) could do damage to players, that'd be cool - go back to the humiliation kills from Arma 2 DayZ, lol.
  3. UBEChief

    Exile continues!

    Is it too early to start submitting requests for the Exile-to-be? Like, I'd love it if Exile used the default Arma 3 UI, because that's not getting blocked by Steam notifications and such, plus all the additional extra info (flares left in aircraft/smokescreens in vehicles, etc). And maybe the bikes won't be so OP at being tank traps for everything, lol.
  4. UBEChief

    Ammo and flares display in HUD

    I posted about this a while back, wanting to revert back to the default Arma 3 HUD/UI:
  5. UBEChief

    Supply Drops?

    Turns out that Exile 1.0.1 reset to the default values for supply drops when the owner initially set the drops to occur when there was at least 1 player online (the server is sadly unpopulated...). Default value is 10 players must be online for the drops to occur. Thanks for the help, guys!
  6. UBEChief

    Supply Drops?

    He says that he didn't change anything when Exile 1.0.1 rolled around, yet there are no Supply Drop notifications, and no icons on the map. Is there a specific line in the code that enables/disables the drops?
  7. UBEChief


    Always drive around with a Strider. Thing's built like a tank, but goes nearly as fast as an Offroad pickup. Went airborne going offroad doing like 100+ and crashed into a boulder. Only lost 1 wheel. Can also do crazy fucking flips that makes you lose health, but have no damage done to the vehicle itself. It's bat shit insane how that thing survives. Oh, and it's amphibious. Best LRV, hands-down.
  8. UBEChief

    Supply Drops?

    Huh, guess I'll have to double check with the server owner, then.
  9. UBEChief

    Supply Drops?

    Now, I don't know if this is the correct section to ask, because I don't know if this is a bug, a feature removal, or what. But I haven't been seeing the notifications for supply drops anymore, was this removed? Like, was the whole supply drop event completely removed, or were the notifications dropped? I tend to use them as storage, since I hoard gear n stuff, for when I get killed and can't retrieve my body. As seen here: http://www.omegaforcegaming.com/forum_threads/2524556 I mention this to the server owner, and he says that nothing was changed, and that the notifications may have been removed. Anybody got an idea? I don't really want to have to fly from runway to runway every 10 minutes just to check where a drop may have landed.
  10. UBEChief


    Not as hard as those damn bicycles, though...
  11. UBEChief

    Possibly add Barricading or Farming into exile?

    There's no point in adding barricading options when a potential earthquake has the chance to destroy the building you based in (yay 1.0.1 updates ). I would love to have fishing, or some other way of obtaining food besides canned/dry foods and drinks.
  12. UBEChief

    Poptabs for donations... wtf

    Might want to put that first paragraph into its own quote, lol. Almost mistook it for you saying that.
  13. Can confirm. I've been hit by AI more than enough times to verify that if a certain caliber hits you, it can cause you to bleed out and die. Gotta be quick with those InstaDocs.
  14. UBEChief

    Bleeding to death = suicide

    I'm fairly certain this could apply to PvP as well. Get wounded enough to bleed, but not killed outright. Haven't seen this happen yet (in PvP), but it's a possibility.
  15. UBEChief

    Recommended Vehicles

    Fuck those damn bikes, seriously. They will literally kill you regardless if you drive into them, or have a friend that's turning the damn thing at less than 3kph next to you I'm not an admin of any server, I just play on one that has access to all those vehicles, lol. Who needs balance when they're being used for base defense against AI? Although I do like using my Apache against mission AI, too ^^