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  1. ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_event_onSpawnButtonClick
  2. when you use the base respawn from expoch can you found in the initPlayerLocal.sqf which Lines, i hope you mean this. eXpochClientPlayerLastBaseSpawn = diag_tickTime; // Do not change this eXpochBaseRespawnTimeLimit = 60; // How long before the players can respawn at their base since the last death or joining server - default: 900 eXpochBaseSpawnLevelRequired = 4; // Required Level of Base for Allowing Spawn - default: 4 eXpochBaseSpawnAllowedType = "ExileTerritoryBuildRights"; // If only owners can spawn change this to "ExileOwnerUID" - default: "ExileTerritoryBuildRights" eXpochBaseSpawnDeadBodyDistLimit = 200; // If the players dead body is within 500m of their own base, they will not get the option to spawn there
  3. magst du uns mal deine logs geben damit wir paar fehler ausschließen können oder vlt sogar finden können?
  4. werden mit dem 1.0.4 Update gefixt.
  5. XM8 base app is not the problem. Have the app, but always have that out and still I happen to die.
  6. this is an example from my mission.sqm uat = false in infistar 86000 UID is in my infistar too i try the fix with waitUntil {isTouchingGround player}; its a example from my ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf, Error in the rpt log. My Halo Jumping Height is 1000. On my South Zagoria before the new Arma Update is working all fine. I changed the Map to Redux and a Arma Update coming. After than i see the Issue first with random Dead. I will try to Set the same Settings on the other Map maybe Altis and check the random Dead
  7. That could well be that it lies on the map. I have hosted south zagoria before and no problems. I then switched to chernarus redux and we noticed only a few weeks later that there are problems. As an admin you do not notice it as often as a player. I'll try a few more things to fix it maybe, if I find a solution I write them in here
  8. this is actually a community, i thought here you help each other
  9. Hello guys, I have the following Problem. People have recently died respawn sometimes, whether Halo or Ground Spawn. I have Base Respawn and Respect Loadouts. Everything worked without problem for a while. But after an Arma update, it's crazy and happens by chance not always. Infistar v90 and v88 with problems. i try this fix Example Player addItemToVest "Exile_Item_Matches"; waitUntil {isTouchingGround player}; Player addBackpack "B_TacticalPack_oli"; and many more fixes in this thread but nothing works. anyone have this problem too? and have maybe a solution?
  10. Very great Work ... I love this so much <3 I hope that script become the update in the future
  11. wäre lieb wenn du auch die Lösung dazu schreibst, dass wenn jemand genau das gleiche problem hat vielleicht die Lösung in den Thread sieht ich schätze mal das war das problem einfach bei HLCSniperRifles das komma entfernen
  12. So jetzt kommt jemand macht euch den Server zu recht und erhält eine "finanzielle Spende". Dann kommt ein Script Update, A3 Update oder Mod Update und dann steht ihr wieder vor Problemen. Ich finde es viel besser wenn du uns mal deine RPT schickst und uns erläuterst was dein Problem ist, damit wir dir erstens ohne Geld helfen können und zweitens vorallem du selbst lernst und erkennst was das problem ist und es selber auch behebst.
  13. nehm doch einfach dms occupation ...
  14. nice feature
  15. Habe aktuell das Problem das alle Spieler ein roten Punkt als Fadenkreuz haben und alle Objekte grün und rot angezeigt werden. An was könnte das liegen? Habe nur Vcom hinzugefügt und JSRS Soundmod geupdatet. habe Vcom deaktiviert und trotzdem bleibt das ganze. Hatte jemand schon mal so ein Problem? Beispiel Clip *GELÖST* lag an der Verschlüsslung von ObfuSQF