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  1. All you need for setting up a chernarus server
  2. I'm not sure, but it seems like root don't have privileges for creating a database, or you just misspelled a password. That's my guess.
  3. I just checked. He's right, you cannot download exile client from this website. @Lonely You should by able to download it via a3launcher (http://a3launcher.com/)
  4. Oh wow. You've made my day with this! Thanks for all the help!
  5. The thing is jar file does not compile anything for me. All it did was launched blank command prompt and immediately closed it. It didn't generated any files.
  6. This jar file is not supposed to be executed by a server, you gotta do it by yourself. I assume it creates some config so you can edit it or something
  7. I've tried that, but i can't execute jar file provided in this package. If anyone could test if the jar file does anything for them it'd be great.
  8. Hey there, I'm trying to add music to an object and addaction to turn it on/off, play different playlists etc so a player can craft it and place it in his base. I was going to use Say3d and here's where it's get messy. The only way to stop say3d is to destroy/delete object. If anyone has any idea on how to resolve this, or maybe has developed working radio script, I would be more than gratefull if you'd share it or at least give a hint on what's the proper way to do it.
  9. You can get items classnames by launching arma arsenal, then select some weapon or whatever you like, and hit "export". Now open some text editor and hit ctrl + v. You'll see classnames of all items your character was wearing. OR you can use RHS site http://class.rhsmods.org/ To unpack exile_server_config use PboManager, and to edit config use Notepad++
  10. If you installed it via GTXGaming control panel, then the mod should be in server directory already. All you gotta do now is add it to startup parameter, as @Razor77 said. And of course you should add RHS items to your loot tables and traders so you can buy/sell/find RHS stuff. To add items to trader, simply unpack your mission file (download it from the server via ftp client, eg. FileZilla), open config.cpp and add the items under "class CfgExileArsenal" and "class CfgTraderCategories " To modify your loot table use loot table compiler. You can get it here: http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ Let us know if you need any more help.
  11. https://discord.gg/qbTv8Ce Here it is :]
  12. @kuplion Of course! Forgot to mention that, haha. Mods we're using: Exile, cup core, units, vehicles, weapons, Taskforce radio, CDAH crafting mod, Zombies and Demons
  13. Hi guys, We're gonna launch European Rp server in like 1-2 weeks and we're looking for staff. Requirements : - 18+ years old - experienced in RP - friendly towards other players For more info contact Kalmar on our Discord: https://discord.gg/qbTv8Ce The map we're gonna play on is Esseker.
  14. @[FYCA] BillytheDog Loot works fine for me. Can you upload your exile_server.pbo?
  15. @GronkhouTv Works fine on my server, so yes, it is.