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  1. aussie battler


    @Draftkid If you are on 64 BIT Arma3 you need to add this to your exile.ini
  2. aussie battler


    @Draftkid Just drop the exile_ng.pbo into @ExileServer\addons Remove it as a server mod.
  3. @Ghostrider-DBD Thanks for sharing the missions. I can confirm that MGTDB's fix works.
  4. aussie battler

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2016-08-15

    You would have to change the code to be like a DMS mission & have the crate spawn unlock when the soldiers are killed. I fixed the problem by changing the crate to something you cant pickup / load. \a3_exile_occupation\scripts\occupationLootCrates.sqf line 37: _nearOtherCrate = (nearestObjects [_position,["CargoNet_01_box_F"],500]) select 0; // change CargoNet_01_box_F to a crate you cant pick Also check that the patrol area is not too large ( @kuplion changed it a few updates ago): line 100 should be set to 25 meter patrol radius. [_group, _spawnPosition, 25] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol; //Patrol a 25 meter radius Delete map markers: \a3_exile_occupation\scripts\deleteMapMarkers.sqf
  5. aussie battler


    What does it say on your @ExileServer\config.cfg Under class missions, difficulty = "?????"
  6. aussie battler

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi Just wondering what explosives blow up the brick walls in Extended Base mod? Big Mommas dont bring up a "place explosive" option. I tried around 8 satchels, 8 timed explosives and 8 of the cup satchels... I didn't try the Exile wood or Exile fortified explosive.
  7. aussie battler

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    @romeno-k I turned the steal vehicle feature off in the config. The Ai will still steal unlocked vehicles occasionally,
  8. aussie battler

    John Dogs - Spawn Companion Dog from your XM8

    @Gamerdog I have updated the install / github. Thanks for the pickup. This is what you need: (change XM8_App01_Button to the app number that is spare eg. "XM8_App01_Button", "XM8_App02_Button")
  9. aussie battler

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    @hogansheroes thanks for sharing the file, nice work
  10. aussie battler

    AI Support Units

    @NFGCaboose-1 are you using the latest Github:
  11. aussie battler

    Interior Lock & Unlock

    Works like a charm, thanks.
  12. aussie battler

    Macross - ADR-04-Mk X Defender - No Ladder to get in...

    The author made to mod from the legend Killzone Kid's "One man Tank" operation:
  13. aussie battler

    Macross - ADR-04-Mk X Defender - No Ladder to get in...

    Cheers @Z80CPU I was about to throw in the towel but you put me back in the ring. I will keep fighting.